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Making it easier to remove grease from various surfaces, the Astonish Grease Lifter is quick to work.


Grease tends to build up on many things, especially in areas where there is cooking happening or items that are being used for cooing. Cleaning grease can be a difficult and time-consuming task. The Astonish Grease Lifter is made to make this process easier.

Astonish Grease Lifter comes in a bottle with a spraying nozzle. One has to apply it on the surface or item they want to clean and leave it for a minute or two. After this one can wipe down with a damp cloth.

You could use Astonish Grease Lifter on pans, cooker hoods, kitchen surfaces, baking trays, grills and more. This product is not to be used for too long on painted surfaces, gold, silver and aluminium. It is also not fit for lacquered, varnished or porous surfaces.

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Model Price
Tolsen Industrial Multi-Function Grease (500G - … Rs. 7,994
Astonish Citrus Grove Kitchen Cleaner 750ml ( Pac… Rs. 1,200
Ingco Air grease lubricator Industrial AGL02451 Rs. 96,701
WD-40 230409 400ml Lubricant Lithium Grease Rs. 1,900
Tolsen Hand Grease Pump 65210 Rs. 30,030
Ingco Air Grease Lubricator AGL02301 Rs. 104,940
WD-40 230409 500ml Lubricant Engine Degreaser Wit… Rs. 1,500
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