Astonish Multi-purpose With Bleach

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Compare 11 prices from 4 stores.

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Astonish Multi-Purpose with Bleach stands out for its powerful bleach formula, versatility, effectiveness on tough stains, convenient spray format and pleasant scent. These features make it an ideal choice for those seeking a strong and efficient all-purpose cleaner at an affordable price. The added bleach enhances the power of this solution to get rid of grime and tough stains effectively.


Tough Stain Fighter

Astonish Multi-Purpose With Bleach is a tough stain terminator. Formulated with a powerful bleach punch, it takes on stubborn stains like coffee rings, mould and rust.

All-in-One Cleaner

This is a go-to solution for multiple surfaces. From bathroom tiles to kitchen counters and even dirty patio furniture, it is a versatile cleaner that saves you time and money.

Germ-Busting Power

Astonish Multi-Purpose With Bleach goes beyond aesthetics, it is a hygienic hero. Harnessing the power of bleach, it not only cleans surfaces but also sanitizes them.

Easy & Efficient

No more messy mixing or strenuous scrubbing. Astonish comes in a convenient trigger spray bottle, ready to tackle grime with a simple spritz and wipe. Quick and efficient it leaves your hands smelling like citrus, not chemicals.

Eco-Friendly Formula

The brand understands sustainability. Its bleach-based formula is not chlorine-based, making it kinder to the environment and potentially gentler on your respiratory system.

Budget-Friendly Choice

Astonish Multi-Purpose With Bleach delivers powerful cleaning without burning a hole in your pocket. Its value-for-money proposition makes it a budget-conscious choice for families and individuals alike.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Astonish is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly brand. It caters to your cleaning needs while aligning with ethical values.

Pleasant Cleaning Experience

With a pleasant citrus scent and no overpowering bleach fumes, Astonish Multi-Purpose With Bleach transforms cleaning into a satisfying conquest.

It is a reliable household partner that efficiently handles everyday messes and unexpected spills.

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The best price of Astonish Multi-purpose With Bleach in Pakistan is Rs. 590 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,169.

Price List

Model Price
Astonish Multi-Purpose With Bleach Trigger 750ml Rs. 850
ASTONISH multi purpose white blaech 750ml Rs. 1,110
Robin Bleach 500ml Rs. 590
ACI Color Bleach 1900ml Rs. 1,050
ACI Bleach 1900ml Rs. 1,050
Harpic White & Shine Citrus Fresh Bleach, 750ml Rs. 690
Fruity Bleach (with Bleach Powder) By Moon Touch Rs. 949
Robin Bleach, 500ml Rs. 650
Peach Bleach (with Bleach Powder) By Moon Touch Rs. 950
Bleach Powder – Professional Rs. 4,000
Aci Bleach 1900ml Rs. 975