Astonish Stainless Steel & Shine Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Astonish Stainless Steel & Shine in Pakistan is Rs. 420 and estimated average price is Rs. 487.


Astonish Stainless Steel & Shine is made to remove grease and stains from brushed stainless steel surfaces such as fridges, ovens and more. It does not require too much rubbing, making the process easier.


If one wants to remove the built-up grease from their stainless steel surfaces the Astonish Stainless Steel & Shine is a great choice. 

This means the oven or fridge or even microwave made from stainless steel can be cleaned to make sure they are shiny and near new. After spraying Astonish Stainless Steel & Shine onto the surface it can be wiped with a dry cloth or paper towel.

All the grease, stains and fingerprints are cleaned by this formulation with ease. When spraying be careful to not get any into your eye or mouth. in case it does happen rinse with cold water and if the irritation does not stop you should see a doctor.

Price List

Model Price
Astonish Stainless Steel and Shine Cleaner 750ml Rs. 475
Astonish Stainless Steel & Shine 750ml Rs. 579
Astonish Stainless Steel & Shine Spray Rs. 420
astonish stainless steel & shine 750ml Rs. 580
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