Astonish Stainless Steel & Shine

Compare 2 prices from 2 stores.

Compare 2 prices from 2 stores.

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Rs. 850 - Rs. 899


Astonish Stainless Steel & Shine removes grease and stains from brushed stainless steel surfaces such as fridges, ovens and more. Unlike harsh cleaners, it is safe for use on delicate polished stainless steel without causing scratches or dullness. The easy-to-use formula requires minimal effort, making cleaning quicker and less tiring. This solution is formulated with plant-based ingredients and not tested on animals, making it vegan and cruelty-free.


Versatile Application

Whether it is your oven, fridge, or microwave constructed from stainless steel, Astonish Stainless Steel & Shine proves effective in cleaning and restoring these surfaces to a shiny, nearly new condition.

Simple & Easy

To use, simply spray Astonish Stainless Steel & Shine onto the stainless steel surface. Following this, a swift wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel is all that is needed to achieve the desired cleanliness.

Quick & Efficient Grease

The formulation is adept at effortlessly removing grease, stains and fingerprints from stainless steel surfaces. This ensures a thorough and effective cleaning experience.

Safety Precautions

While using the product, exercise caution to prevent any contact with your eyes or mouth. In case of accidental exposure, promptly rinse the affected area with cold water.

If irritation persists, seeking medical attention is advisable.

Astonish Stainless Steel & Shine comes in various formats like sprays, wipes and pastes, catering to different cleaning preferences and surface types.


The best price of Astonish Stainless Steel & Shine in Pakistan is Rs. 850 and the estimated average price is Rs. 874.

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Astonish Stainless Steel & Shine Trigger 750ml Rs. 850