Astonish Tea/coffee Stain Remover

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Compare 3,266 prices from 83 stores.

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The Astonish Tea/Coffee Stain Remover is an effective and user-friendly solution, suitable for maintaining clean kitchenware. Its versatility, budget-friendly pricing, and ample quantity make it a practical choice.


Oxygen-based Bleaching Agents

Astonish Tea/Coffee Stain Remover uses oxygen-based bleaching agents that are known for their ability to break down and lift stains effectively.

The emphasis on their gentle yet powerful action suggests that the product can handle even stubborn tea and coffee residues without resorting to abrasive methods.

No Scrubbing Required

The simplicity of just adding a scoop to hot water and letting the fizzing action do the work caters to those who prefer convenience in their cleaning routine.

This not only implies a more effortless cleaning process but also aligns with the desire for a hassle-free experience.

Safe & Gentle

Astonish Tea/Coffee Stain Remover is safe on various materials, including glazed ceramics, glass, stainless steel and plastic.

This feature caters to individuals who value the longevity and preservation of their kitchenware. The product's gentleness underscores its commitment to maintaining the integrity of these materials.

Taint-Free & Odorless

This stain remover will not leave any unwanted tastes or smells behind. The cleaning process not only removes stains but also ensures a clean, neutral slate for the next cup of tea or coffee.


Astonish Tea/Coffee Stain Remover's ability to tackle limescale buildup and other tough stains broadens its utility.

This makes it a comprehensive kitchen cleaning solution rather than just a stain remover. Its adaptability adds value for consumers looking for a single product to address multiple cleaning needs.

Value for Money

Astonish Tea/Coffee Stain Remover comes in a generous 350g tub, providing a long-lasting supply. It is also affordably priced, making it a budget-friendly cleaning option.

While generally safe for most materials, it is advisable to check the label and conduct a spot test on delicate items.

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