Astonish Ultimate Limescale Remover Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Astonish Ultimate Limescale Remover in Pakistan is Rs. 560 and estimated average price is Rs. 573.


The Astonish Ultimate Limescale Remover can get rid of the limescale buildup in your bathroom with ease. It can also be used for other things, such as kettles or pots, and irons as well.


Made with cool eucalyptus that helps get rid of limescale, rust and calcium, the Astonish Ultimate Limescale Remover is quick to act and does not require intense scrubbing.

The Astonish Ultimate Limescale Remover does not leave any residue either, so there are no stains. There is a fresh eucalyptus scent left once you are done cleaning. Regular use doesn't let any limescale build-up.

One can use the Astonish Ultimate Limescale Remover in their washroom, sinks, shower heads and also for their iron or electric kettle. It will remove the limescale wherever it is with its fast-acting concentrated formula.

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Model Price
Astonish Ultimate Limescale Remover, Cool Eucalyp… Rs. 560
Astonish cool eucalptus ultimate lime scale remov… Rs. 580
Astonish Ultimate Limescale Remover 750ml Rs. 579
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