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Atiqa Odho Makeup includes a wide array of cosmetics specially formulated for Pakistani skin tones. Though there is a huge collection that includes almost everything, the highlights of the brand are its high-performance lipsticks and blush-ons. Atiqa Odho makeup products are available at affordable prices in Pakistan and can be found here at Shopsy.


Pakistani actress turned beauty entrepreneur Atiqa Odho ventured into the makeup business in 2004. Odho makeup has kept their prices as minimum as possible keeping in mind the affordability of Pakistani consumers. Their target market includes every Pakistani woman from elite to the masses and caters to every skin tone. 

First National Celebrity Brand

With the thriving mall culture and the huge influx of international makeup brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, NARS, Huda Beauty, Maybelline, NYX, MAC, L'Oréal, YSL etc into the Pakistani market, it is so refreshing to see homegrown brands doing great business. While some prominent Pakistani makeup artists and entrepreneurs started their makeup brands only recently such as Masarat Misbah, Luscious, and Nabila, Atiqa Odho came up with her namesake brand way before them. This has earned Atiqa Odho Cosmetics the status of being Pakistan's first national celebrity brand. Following are a selection of the best makeup products by the company.

1. Lipsticks

Atiqa Odho lipsticks feature a wide range of matte colours in beautiful shades of Pinks, Reds, Oranges and Browns. The brand also has a range of funky colours called the Fun Shades collection. It features unusual lip colours in silver, metallic yellow etc, perfect for a fun night out with friends. Formulated with Halal ingredients, these lipsticks use beeswax for binding and are infused with Vitamin E for hydrating and protecting your lips. Their pigmentation is rich and you can bring out the exact shade in just one application. You can even mix two shades to create a unique colour that suits your skin tone or matches your attire. For Pakistani complexions, the red and pink categories are the most suitable with beautiful shades like Passion, Romance, Precious, Rich etc.

2. The 35 Colours Eyeshadow Palette

This innovative eyeshadow palette is nothing short of international level standards. Featuring 35 fully pigmented and velvety-soft shades, this palette is priced reasonably. The only downer is the packaging that gives an unattractive, plasticky and boring look to the palette. A svelte metallic case would've been better for greater visual appeal. The application is smooth and velvety and the shades are buildable so you can wear them for every day as well as dramatic makeup looks. These eyeshadows give a high colour payoff so you can even use them as trendy eyeliners in unusual colours, with a cotton bud or a small eyeshadow applicator.

3. Blush-ons

Another lovely item out of the product range is the blushes that come in a variety of colours. The best ones are in beautiful shades of Pink called the Hummingbird, Flamingo and Pink Pigeon. These blushers come with an applicator brush and are highly pigmented products that instantly add a flush of colour to your cheeks. They enhance the radiance of your face without streaking or settling into pores and stay on for long. The shades give a matte finish that is non-drying and suitable for daytime as well as evening wear. You can even use them on your eyelids for an instant pop of colour and depth.

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The best price of Atiqa Odho Makeup in Pakistan is Rs. 59,500 and the estimated average price is Rs. 59,500.

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