Audionic Mehfil

Compare 31 prices from 4 stores.

Compare 31 prices from 4 stores.

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Rs. 3110 - Rs. 65880


The portable large-sized speakers from Audionic are under the Mehfil line. With multiple connectivity options to play one's music through them. The Mehfil speakers come with wheels making it easy to cart them around. These speakers are available for a nominal price given their size.



A local brand that has its products manufactured in China. Audionic is from the Dany Technologies family. Audionic is their label that produces audio solutions of various kinds, from home theatre systems to headphones.

The Audionic Mehfil line

Essentially portable party speakers, Audionic's Mehfil speaker range has multiple options to connect making them convenient. The Mehfil line is built with wheels so one can roll them to move them easily.

Connectivity options on this range include Bluetooth and wired connections as well. The devices have the ability to make use of a USB or SD card and read audio files from them. Other features include the ability to connect a microphone for karaoke. Audionic provides one or two microphones with their Mehfil speakers; depending on the model.

Also, the speakers have remotes with them; making it easy to change settings from a distance conveniently. The control panel on the Mehfil speakers varies from model to model. Generally designed to make access to all ports and buttons/knobs easy.


A budget-friendly brand that builds its products to price. The sound on Audionic speakers is usually of an average quality.

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The best price of Audionic Mehfil in Pakistan is Rs. 3,110 and the estimated average price is Rs. 25,344.

Price List

Model Price
Audionic Mehfil MH-1212 Price in Pakistan Rs. 53,750
Audionic Mehfil MH-40S Advanced Portable Speaker Rs. 32,000
Audionic Mehfil MH 30 Price in Pakistan Rs. 25,500
Audionic Mehfil MH-1515 Trolly Speaker Rs. 65,880
Audionic Mehfil MH-75 Advance Trolly Speaker Rs. 39,480
Audionic MEHFIL MH-808 Portable Speaker With Wire… Rs. 13,080
Audionic Mehfil MH-30 Advance (Trolly Inside Stan… Rs. 27,480
Audionic MH-9 Mehfil Plus Speaker Rs. 10,680
Audionic MH-8 Mehfil Plus Speaker Rs. 8,000
Audionic MH-505 Mehfil Speaker Rs. 15,480