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Compare 204 prices from 6 stores.

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Speakers by Audionic are not just aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but also offer a wide variety of features for a more user-friendly experience. Audionic is one of the leading names in the field of electronics and technology in Pakistan. Here you can buy from a huge collection of Audionic speakers and check their prices in Pakistan along with their features.


A great entertainment companion, Audionic produces a plethora of multimedia speakers, headphones, earphones and mp3 players. 

Audionic Speaker Types

Audionic offers a wide range of speakers in various sizes and functionalities. These include speakers for mobile phones, LED TVs and home theatre. You can also buy speakers by Audionic from mini, portable, and public address systems variety. 

1. Audionic 2.0 Mini Speakers

Great for use with laptops and computers, these mini devices are compact and lightweight. They fit easily on your work desk without cluttering the place. The best in the category are Octane U-25, ECCO 3 and Alien Plus.

2. Audionic 2.1 Channel Speakers

AD-6000 is one of the popular 2.1 channel battery-operated Audionic speakers. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and can be connected to any Bluetooth enabled device to play music. It features a dual powered AC/DC support. Another popular item is the D-6200 Plus that includes two satellite speakers for handling higher frequencies and one subwoofer for lower frequencies. You can attach it with desktop, laptop or T.V

3. Audionic Multi-Channel Speakers

Monster MS-510 is one notable item in this category. For home theatre enthusiasts, the company has come up with multi-channel speakers that provide HDMI sound, optical input and NFC connectivity so you can have an everlasting listening experience. They can easily be controlled with a remote controller as well as through the built-in volume dial and control buttons. You will also find slots for USB, AUX and Micro SD on these Audionic speakers. 

4. Audionic Public Address Systems 

The Public Address Systems are called the Majlis series and are meant for a large audience. Taraweeh, Tesla 10 and Mehfil MH-25 are honourable mentions in this category.

5. For Mobiles & Laptops

BlueTune BT-145 is an all-rounder and multi-purpose dock speaker that plays music while charging your smartphone or laptop via a docking station. Compatible with all smartphones and laptops, the dock charging system gives you a hassle-free experience and gives the freedom to place the device anywhere in the house. Featuring a rechargeable battery, these devices are handy and easy to carry around.

6. Audionic Portable Speakers

Audionic DJ-70 is amongst the good ones in this category. You can easily pair it with audio and Bluetooth devices and carry it around wherever you go. Another notable device is the MH-12 that features a portable 8” woofer. It also includes a mic and a remote for user convenience.

Design & Common Features

In some models, there is an added digital display screen that further enhances the beauty of the device and increases its usability by displaying all the important information digitally. The LED lights on some models also add to the beauty of these devices.

Karaoke Mode

Some variants also feature the Karaoke mode and include a mic so you can serenade your friends and family or have singing competitions at the next gathering. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

Most Audionic speakers are equipped with Bluetooth and let you connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices, so you can easily play music from sources other than USB or AUX cable. The wireless functionality on some models makes it very easy for music lovers to listen to music on the go. 

A blasting sound and easy control make these devices a good entertainment source for your parties and events.

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The best price of Audionic Speakers in Pakistan is Rs. 7,491 and the estimated average price is Rs. 23,620.

Price List

Model Price
AD-7000 Audionic Speaker Rs. 10,499
Audionic Speaker MH 810 Price in Pakistan Rs. 14,999
Audionic HS-5000 2.1 Speaker Rs. 9,480
Audionic HS-2000 2.1 Speaker Rs. 7,800
Audionic HS-9000 2.1 Speaker Rs. 15,480
Audionic AD-4500 2.1 Speaker Rs. 9,480
Audionic Cooper5 2.0 Speaker Rs. 16,680
Audionic Girgit5 2.1 Speaker Rs. 10,200
Audionic AD-7500 Speaker Rs. 11,400
Audionic MH-12 Mehfil Speaker Rs. 9,480
Audionic Pace 6 Speaker Rs. 17,400
Audionic AD-9000 3.1 Speaker Rs. 16,680