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Compare 9 prices from 4 stores.

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A woofer is a bass loudspeaker that is designed to produce low-frequency sounds ranging from 40 Hz up to 500 Hz. A good home theatre system is incomplete without the added woofers and subwoofers that enhance the quality and seamlessness of sound. Here at Shopsy, we give you a list of all Audionic woofers with their prices in Pakistan.


Audionic is one of the leading Pakistani companies that specialize in audio systems, home theatre systems, speakers, headphones and has a huge range of amazing sound-producing devices. Though not the best in the market, woofers by Audionic provide good sound quality and are offered in either multichannel speakers or as standalone equipment. 

Best Audionic Woofers

The woofers by Audionic come in perfect enclosures that assist in creating the right balance between resonance and keeping a constant air intake. The popular ones in the woofer series are Reborn RB-107, Tesla 15, Royal 15, Taraweeh and Monster MS-510. Other woofers and subwoofers are available with a wide range of home theatre speakers and multi-channel speakers such as the AD-7000, AD-4500 and Mega 50 etc.

Audionic Reborn RB-107 (Woofer + Sound Bar)

Reborn RB-107 includes a woofer and a soundbar. This can be easily paired with any Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones and laptops for playing music files. If you want to play music from other sources like the USB or SD/MMC card then just plug it in and play your music files directly. Control or change the volume levels or output media via the included remote control. You can listen to your favourite radio program on the go with the built-in FM radio. 

Audionic Tesla 15 & Royal 15 

They are new additions to the line of woofers offered by Audionic, ensuring impeccable sound quality that is loud and distortion-free. Both are equipped with a ruggedly built large woofer that seamlessly generates an audible low-frequency response. These devices feature 2 HD-Mics with display and support USB, TF-Card and AUX input as well as built-in FM radio, making it your perfect entertainment companion for large outdoor events and gatherings.

Audionic Taraweeh

The Taraweeh resonates a powerful sound for a large audience. It features an LED display that adds to the beauty of the overall look of these speakers. They are heavy-duty public address systems that are capable of projecting good sound quality and powerful bass. The system comes with two 6.5 inch woofers, generating a sturdy sound to reach large audiences. Laced with high efficiency and high power handling capacity, the Taraweeh woofer can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Users can adjust the Echo level and can connect their USB, SD cards and Aux cables to the equipment. Taraweeh Audionic woofers also feature a built-in FM radio, Karaoke port, remote controller and a headgear mic for an ultimate wireless experience. Equipped with Bluetooth, these devices can be connected to any Bluetooth enabled device for seamless and wireless audio output.

Audionic Monster MS-510

Another Audionic woofer is the Monster MS-510 that is specifically designed to generate fine quality bass with low frequency. Built with good quality material and impressive design, this equipment creates a fantastic bass while featuring connectivity options such as USB port, SD card slot, remote controller and an AUX input as well as magnetically shielded powerful sub-woofers.

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The best price of Audionic Woofer in Pakistan is Rs. 29,999 and the estimated average price is Rs. 93,842.

Price List

Model Price
Audionic MH1515 Advance Woofer Speaker Rs. 65,880
Audionic Cooper 6 2.0 Speaker Rs. 30,600
Audionic Cooper 7 2.0 Speaker Rs. 41,400
Audionic Prism 500 Soundbar With Woofer Sound Bar… Rs. 29,999
Audionic Elite 1000 Soundbar With Woofer Sound Ba… Rs. 39,999
R-12SW Klipsch Subwoofer Speaker Rs. 199,900
Panasonic SC-UX100 Large Woofer Rs. 36,999
R-121SW Klipsch Subwoofer Speaker Rs. 239,900
R-100SW Klipsch Subwoofer 10Inch 300W Black Rs. 159,900