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Aukey is focused on the modern digital and portable lifestyle we are all a part of. The brand produces a lot of devices to aid this lifestyle, devices such as power banks, cables, smartwatches, lamps and more. The quality of their devices is high, with a good lifespan. Prices of Aukey devices are competitive in all their relevant categories.



A brand that is based in China, Aukey is a producer of accessories and devices for the modern lifestyle. Their catalogue includes many kinds of chargers, earbuds, cables, lights, hubs, smartwatches, dashcams, webcams, keyboards and a mouse pad.

Overall the design of Aukey products is kept simple, with the form that fits function; making for an efficient design that is simple.

The quality of Aukey is in a similar category as Anker. The main focus for Aukey is charging solutions.

The various Aukey power banks

With a wide range of power banks that have different power capacities. The starting capacity is 8,000mAh, on to 10,000mAh; after which it is either 20,000mAh or 30,000mAh. Given the power and the fact that most modern laptops even use the Type-C port to charge, the 30,000mAh power bank can also charge your laptop.

These power banks come built with safety features such as overcharge protection and overheating protection. They also support Quick Charge, making for faster charging. A few of the models have a low current charging mode for devices such as wearables. 

There are also wireless power banks that can be propped up with a stand so one can set their smartphone against them, letting you watch something easily as well. These have options for 10,000mAh or 20,000mAh.

Aukey makes their power banks in simple designs, with rounded edges for a comfortable feel and that also makes them easier to keep in one's pocket. Some have more portable compact versions as well in case a smaller size suits your needs.

The brand even has large power banks called powerstations, these are roughly the size of a shoebox and are made for off-grid power. To charge this one can even buy Aukey's solar panel charging array. This would let one be truly off-grid. Powerstations are great for camping, road trips or emergencies and can power up a host of your devices with ease.

Aukey Chargers

Other than portable power, Aukey has a whole range of wall, wireless and car chargers. The wall chargers have the option to charge one, two or four devices simultaneously. The single-port ones are very compact, making them very easy to carry along in your laptop bag or pocket even. This is due to the GaN power systems which are a lot more efficient, meaning a charger can be made smaller with the component closer without there being issues.

Aukey has options for wireless charging pads and stations as well. The pads are smaller in size and are for one device. The stations have the possibility of two or three devices even. Any device that is Qi-certified can work with these wireless chargers. These also come with safety systems, so overcharge and overheating are kept an eye on.

Car chargers by Aukey are made to be inserted into the electric lighter port. One can choose between a two-port charger or a single one. These can be used to charge most of your portable devices and also feature Quick Charge, making the charging time shorter.

Audio solutions

Aukey produces a range of earbuds, all of these are the true wireless kind which means they are individual earbuds without any wires at all. The sound quality is good; there is a bit of a limitation with earbuds and bass generally due to the size of the drivers but Aukey has done a good job at making the lower end a bit more pronounced. With some, this is achieved with high-grade graphene diaphragms.

The usage times are over 20 hours and possibly up to 30 hours with some models; these times are possible when the case is kept along. Given today there are a lot of people who workout these earbuds have IPX ratings so sweat does not damage them, they could even handle a light drizzle. One of the models has over-ear support so while running or during another strenuous exercise the earbuds stay in place.

The individual earbuds have touch-based controls on them, letting one change basic settings without having to take out their smartphone. One could also use either of the one earbuds to answer calls. The case they come in is also the charging case, some cases use a USB-C connection and others have wireless charging abilities.

Car holders

To make it easier to have your smartphone placed in the car, Aukey also makes car holders. This lets you prop up the phone and see it without having to hold it, making it super easy to follow the different map apps or see who is calling. Car holders make it safer to use the smartphone while driving as you have both hands on the car controls instead of having one on the phone. You can pick one that uses the air vents to stay in place or another which has a small suction cup.


One needs good cables for their devices to charge and connect better, Aukey has a mix of cables one can purchase. These include USB Type-C to Type-C or to Apple Lightning. One can even find an HDMI cable that is used for a lot of our media devices today such as PlayStations, projectors, Android TV boxes and more.

The cables are braided for better durability and flexibility. There are varying lengths available, one can also purchase a set of varying lengths in one pack and use them for different places in the home or office.

Dashcams and dashcam accessories

Aukey has options for high-quality dashcams which record a wide field of view, with some that even have HDR night vision. There is an add on one can purchase for better GPS location tagging and adding vehicle speed data to your footage. There are even parking modes that keep the dashcam activated in case anyone hits your vehicle while you were away. Motion detection is also available, based on a G-sensor.

Hubs and webcams

If one needs hubs to extend the number of USB ports they have, Aukey has multiple options. Some have just more USB-A ports and other models have a mix of ports including Ethernet, USB-A, HDMI and USB Type-C. This latter device is to connect to a Type-C port itself. 

A built-in webcam may not be sufficient, in such instances, one can opt for an external webcam. Aukey has two options, both have HD video with a high level of clarity. These devices have colour correction and exposure control. There are also built-in mics so the audio is handled by the same device. Connectivity is achieved through a USB port.

Gaming peripherals

Aukey has mechanical keyboards made specifically for gamers, with a durable build that would survive one's digital warfare. These are also water-resistant in case of any spills. RGB lights are a part of these keyboards, giving them a super cool look as well as better visibility in low light situations. 


Aside from all the rest, Aukey even has lights. The lights are smaller sized lamps that can be placed on a dinner table or in the room for ambience. There are touch controls on them that let you change the colours and intensity of the light. The batteries on these lights last a long time and the light itself is based on an LED which consumes very little power.


For people who want to track their health or want to keep an easy eye on their notifications, Aukey has smartwatches for them. The options have heart and sleep trackers. There are 12 activity modes for various activities such as running, cycling, walking, mountain climbing and more.

These devices can also be used to set reminders for breathing to help you reduce anxiety or reminders to move if you have been still too long. Given one would wear this device everywhere they are built to be waterproof so one can even undertake watersports with them on. 

The battery time on these smartwatches is at 2 weeks or a bit more. This of course also does depend on your exact kind of usage.


Aukey has products that are of good quality, with a durable life; giving customers a great deal of usage. The prices of the devices vary depending on what one chooses, but generally, the prices are competitive in their relevant categories.

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The best price of Aukey Pakistan in Pakistan is Rs. 2,090 and the estimated average price is Rs. 6,058.

Price List

Model Price
Aukey Move Air True Wireless Earbuds (EP-M2) Rs. 6,900
Aukey True Wireless Earbuds with ANC, IPX5 Waterp… Rs. 11,850
Aukey Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds (EP-T25) Rs. 5,000
AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds IPX5 Waterproof (EP-M… Rs. 6,850
Aukey Smart Calling Watch 2 Ultra Dual Strap (SW-… Rs. 17,000
Aukey AiPower Rona Motion Sensor Night Light Pack… Rs. 4,600
Aukey Iphone 15 Pro Max 6.7-inch Silicon Magnetic… Rs. 3,000
Aukey Iphone 15 Pro 6.1-inch Silicon Magnetic Liq… Rs. 3,000
Aukey Car Air Vent Phone Holder (HD-C48) Rs. 3,100