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Aukey Portable Chargers can refer to wall chargers or even to power banks. Both are designed to give your portable devices charging when needed. The power banks can do this while mobile, but chargers need to be plugged into something like a car or wall socket.


Aukey is one of the leading brands for chargers on the market. It has a lot of portable chargers, these could be in the form of power banks or chargers that go into the wall socket.

The power bank capacity can start at 8,000 mAh and go all the way up to 30,000mAh. The larger ones could essentially also charge your laptop if it uses a Type-C port to charge. This is quite common with laptops today, so this adds much more convenience.

The portable wall or car chargers from Aukey allow you to connect multiple devices at once. This is useful for households with more people or when you are traveling.

All the different chargers feature safety protocols such as overheat protection and overcharge protection, thus ensuring the safety of your devices. ANother useful feature is the different kinds of fast and quick charging, which enables your devices to charge in much shorter time.

Wireless charging is something that the various Aukey portable charges feature as well. This means your Qi-certified devices can be charged just by keeping them down on the chargers.

Aukey portable chargers are of high quality and also have neat designs. The design is kept simple with functionality being the crucial aspect. Most of the Aukey portable chargers are in black and have straight lines.

The various chargers are compact and one could carry them in their pocket, laptop bag, handbag or backpack with ease. This level of portability is what makes these chargers a very convenient item to have.

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