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Compare 66 prices from 13 stores.

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Rs. 98 - Rs. 3567


The most basic cable used to connect one's media player to a sound system. The AUX cable is available in many colours and sizes, the price is generally nominal.


AUX cable

AUX stands for 'auxiliary'. An AUX cable is one of the most common ways to connect media devices such as Mp3 players. The AUX cable has a connector similar to the headphone jack on both sides, making it a male-to-male format cable. One end goes into the AUX output port of a media player or laptop, while the other end is fixed into the AUX input port of an amp or home entertainment system. AUX cables are also known as 3.5mm stereo audio cables or as the 1/8 inch stereo audio cable.

The quality of ones AUX cable does affect the signal and thus the quality of sound emanating from the speaker. AUX cables are nominally priced items, with a variation in price based on the length and brand.

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The best price of Aux Cable in Pakistan is Rs. 98 and the estimated average price is Rs. 536.

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FASTER Aux-15 Audio Cable for 3.5mm to 3.5mm Port Rs. 849
Aux Cable - Rs. 120
Audio Aux Cable Rs. 300
Audio Aux Cable Rs. 100
Aux Cable 1 Meter Audio Stereo 3.5mm Aux Cable Rs. 149
AUX Cable Rs. 150
Aux Cable | 1m & 2m Length Spring Aux Cable For Cā€¦ Rs. 349
Aux Cable | 1m & 2m Length Spring Aux Cable For Cā€¦ Rs. 249
Joyroom 3ft Aux Cable Sy-10a1 Rs. 499