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Rs. 225 - Rs. 8640


Pakistan has quite a few brands that are catering to a younger generation with western and eastern options. One such brand is Avocado Menswear. They stock various shirts, shalwar kameez and some suits as well. The style is minimal and modern. The prices of Avocado's collection is competitive.


Avocado Menswear

A Pakistani brand that believes a man's dressing says a lot about him and every man should dress to unleash the gentleman within. With some readymade items and also the option for bespoke tailoring, if one wants a better fit and feel.

This is another local brand catering to a younger more modern aesthetic that the Pakistani market had been severely lacking for a few decades. Today there are quite a few brands of this kind.

The Avocado collection

The brand has a few different segments, these include formal shirts, casual shirts, suiting, ethnic wear, accessories and bespoke clothing.

The label Mirza Ghalib is used for the ethnic wear. This consists of shalwar kameez and waistcoats to go along for a more formal feel. The colour range is the regular greys, blues and black or white. Keeping them sober for men who prefer something along those lines. The style is also minimal with a few that have some embroidery on the collar. Most of the collection is plain with straight-line cuts.

The Avocado shirts are a good mix of formal and casual. The collars and cuffs being the defining factors. For the formal, they have different styles such as cutaway collars and for the casual, there are button-down collars. In comparison to the casual shirts, the formal ones have more block colours and maybe a contrast collar. The casual ones have various prints and patterns available too. This makes for a more funky feel, something one can wear out for the evening with their chinos. The shirts also have a sober colour profile, sticking to the blues, greys, browns and black or white. With a few options in maroon and light yellows.

For suiting the options are limited in comparison to the other categories. They have a handful of choices. The cut style is slim and the colours are either variations of blue, a coffee brown, a grey and one that is a deep purple. All of these suits are two-piece and are single-breasted.

The accessory range is all cufflinks of various designs.


The style profile is modern, keeping in line with what is relevant today. This helps people shop for quality products that are also with the times. The main material used is cotton, a material Pakistan is known for. A material that is also very apt for our environment and makes for very comfortable wear.

The fabrics are made with various weaves including Twill, Herringbone and other such classics.

The prices of Avocado menswear collection is quite competitively priced. It would fall in a similar range as Charcoal or Brumano.

With the Avocado collection, one could sort out a good mix of their wardrobe needs.

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The best price of Avocado in Pakistan is Rs. 225 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,584.

Price List

Model Price
Avocado (Imported) | Butter Fruit | Makhanphal | … Rs. 7,350
Anti Acne Facial Scrub with Avocado and Grapefruit Rs. 640
Avocado & Shea Butter Shampoo Rs. 670
Imported Avocado 1 Piece Rs. 1,290
Fresh Basket Hass Avocado, 1 Piece Rs. 1,200
Avocado Massage Cream... Rs. 470
The Avocado Toast Manifesto Rs. 1,346.25
A Is for Avocado: an Alphabet Book of Plant Power Rs. 1,036
A Is for Avocado: an Alphabet Book of Plant Power Rs. 1,100.75