Axe Apollo Body Spray Price in Pakistan

The best price of Axe Apollo Body Spray in Pakistan is Rs. 300 and estimated average price is Rs. 553.


Axe is by far the most well-known body spray brands in the world, owing to one of the most successful ad campaigns from the 2000s. There is a large range of options, among this one can find Axe Apollo body spray. Despite its renown, Axe body sprays are very affordable making them accessible to a lot of people.


Axe Apollo body spray for men is made with a fresh smell that comes from mixing green fruits, sandalwood and fresh sage. There are two versions one is dry, in case the feel of a wet body spray bothers you.

Body sprays also contain antiperspirants that are blockers for sweat glands. This could help with body odour but can be damaging after long term usage. There are also other ingredients that may not be ideal for people with sensitive skin, so one can test a bit before applying Axe Apollo body spray full on.


The price of Axe Apollo body spray is nominal, making it quite an affordable product for many people. A great way to stay smelling fresh.

Price List

Model Price
Axe Apollo Body Spray Rs. 451
Axe Apollo Body Spray 150 ML Rs. 580
Axe Apollo Deodorant Body Spray For Men Rs. 490
Axe Apollo Body Spray 150ml Rs. 595
Axe Body Spray Apollo 150ml Rs. 415
Axe Apollo Deodorant Body Spray for Men Rs. 351
Axe Apollo Deodorant Spray Rs. 490
Axe Apollo Body Spray Deodorant For Men - 150 ml Rs. 580
AXE Deodorant Bodyspray Apollo 150ml Rs. 740
Axe Apollo Deodorant Body Spray 150ml Rs. 663
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