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Axe is an affordable and pleasant smelling range of body sprays for men. The brand produces fragrances for women too but the men's range is much more popular. Check out Axe body spray prices in Pakistan and read on for some of the best ones available.


Best Buys for Men & Women

A sub-band of the British-Dutch company Unilever, Axe produces male grooming products including some strong-smelling and lasting body sprays for men and women. They are also pretty affordable and are extremely popular amongst young Pakistani generation. Some of the best AXE body sprays for men and women are:

1. Dark Temptation

This is a sweet but subtle fragrance for men by Axe. The scent has hints of spice and has notes of amber, red peppercorn and chocolate. Dark Temptation is available in a 4 oz can and leaves you smelling fresh and clean all day.

2. Phoenix

Yet another classic scent by Axe for men, Phoenix is a fruity smelling body spray. It has notes of geranium, lavender and citrus with a slight woody hint. The woody and fruity blend of fragrances is refreshing to the senses and also pleasant smelling. 

3. Apollo

Apollo is an Aromatic Fougere has by Axe that has crisp notes of green fruits, fresh sage, mandarin and sandalwood. It is a strong-smelling masculine fragrance that exudes sophistication and is quite similar to the higher end Luna Rossa for men by Prada.

4. Gold Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla (Unisex)

Oud is considered one of the most loved perfumes in the Arab world. It is also very expensive as the agarwood tree is rare and only 2% of the agarwood trees produce oud. This makes it a rare and super expensive commodity. Axe Gold Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla body spray for men and women is a beautiful and unique blend of Oud Wood and Dark Vanilla. The woody and warm vanilla blend reminds one of the higher end perfumes such as Mercedes Benz Club Black for men.

5. Anarchy

This Axe body spray for women is a feminine scent that is a mix of fruity and floral notes. It is a lovely blend of apple and blackberry with soft florals notes and a dry down of sweet sandalwood, amber and vanilla. The sillage is great, without being overpowering and the longevity of this body spray is moderate. 

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Price List

Model Price
Axe Gold Body Spray Rs. 600
Axe Spicy Nights & Fruit Smoothies Deodorant & Bo… Rs. 650
AXE Gold Body Spray 150ml Rs. 650
Axe Musk Body Spray 150ml Rs. 650
Axe Wild Spice Body Spray 150ml Rs. 650
Axe Africa Body Spray 150ml Rs. 650
Axe Adrenalin Body Spray 150ml Rs. 650
Axe Dark Temptation Body Spray 150ml Rs. 650
Axe Apollo Body Spray 150ml Rs. 650
Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant Body Spray 48H 150ml Rs. 663
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Compare 34 prices from 7 stores.

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