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A brand by Ayesha Omar, Ayesha O Beauty is all about creating products from natural ingredients to help ones overall lifestyle and health. With the belief that beauty is based on wellness, the brand has a host of products one can make use of. This includes candles, serum, toners, face masks, lip balm, makeup remover, moisturiser, body lotion, face cream and face wash. The Ayesha O Beauty line has products at a lower mid-range.


Ayesha Omar, the actress was inspired to create products from natural ingredients after seeing her mother recover from a skin condition using naturopathy. The products at Ayesha O Beauty are all about beauty rooted in wellness, which starts with a healthy lifestyle. The concoctions for all the products smell nice so one has their senses lifted to feel a sense of calm.

Ayesha O Beauty has calming toner made without any alcohol, it has Bulgarian rose water, neem, green tea, witch hazel, olive and mint mixed together to create a fine balance. It is great to clear out and soothe your skin. One can purchase the multi-purpose moisturiser gel which has aloe vera, charcoal, green tea, rose and vitamin E in it. This is great to hydrate and refresh you, while also being non-greasy.

The other products include night serum, acne serum, face mask, makeup remover, lip balm, foaming face wash, body lotion and face cream. All of them are made with similar kinds of natural ingredients balanced out to create a product that is soothing for your body and senses, while also being nourishing. 

Aside from this the Ayesha O Beauty brand also has a candle, as aromatherapy is very helpful to relax. 


The product range at Ayesha O Beauty is all available at a mir range price point. It is relatively accessible to more people.

Price List

Model Price
AHAAN (PD0975) Rs. 5,286
AADHEEN (PD1063) Rs. 7,110
AYANA (HB0969) Rs. 7,780
SHAHAY (BQ0409) Rs. 7,500
SHEHNAI YD (AA4622) Rs. 6,706
AYSEL (BB9034) Rs. 5,502
AMANAT (AA4528) Rs. 12,672
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