Baby Bouncer Price in Pakistan

The best price of Baby Bouncer in Pakistan is Rs. 4,299 and estimated average price is Rs. 10,741.


Designed for the pre-sitting phase, baby bouncers are a great way to keep babies busy and entertained giving caregivers time to complete household chores etc. Mimicking the motions a baby feels inside a mother's womb, bouncers soothe an irritated baby or rock them to sleep. Mastela, RB Toys, Mothercare and Happy Times are a few names that sell good quality baby bouncers at varied prices in Pakistan. Compare their prices and features and also read our buying and safety guide here at Shopsy before investing in one.

Pros & Cons


  • Versatile equipment

  • Great for soothing irritated babies

  • Great for keeping babies entertained

  • Can be passed down to other babies in the family if taken good care of


  • Can be pricey

  • Limits a child's floor mobility

  • Some can be difficult to clean

  • Basic models are useless after 6 months


Like with baby feeders and swings, babies outgrow bouncers quickly and then it gets impossible to make them sit in one place. Bouncers are only suitable for newborns and babies up to 6 months of age. Later than that, a baby won't either fit in the bouncer or would not want to sit in it as they usually tend to start crawling after the age of 6 months.

Though these accessories come in handy for keeping little babies busy, letting them spend too much time in a baby bouncer limits a child's ability to develop floor mobility. Sitting and crawling develops a child's muscles and creates confidence and spatial awareness in them. So limiting bouncer time is the most appropriate way to use this accessory. If you want to put your newborn in a bouncy chair, always remember to put them in a full reclining position so as to avoid blocking their airway.

Baby Bouncer Types

While the basic type just moves with the baby's natural movements, there are several other types that include models that rock, vibrate, play music or hold up props to amuse babies. They are foldable for convenient storage or travel. Some types are made out of metal or plastic while others are made from natural materials like wood.

You will find many options in the market that include both battery operated and plug-in varieties. While battery-operated ones come in handy, you might need to replace batteries every now and then. The electric variety works great if you have uninterrupted power but that is a problem prevailing in many cities of Pakistan. So go for the option that works best for you and your circumstances. 

Baby Bouncer Buying Guide

1. Since babies tend to outgrow bouncers pretty soon, opt for the models that transform into safe and comfortable seats for use by toddlers. This way you can use the bouncy chair later on and save a lot of money as well. 

2. Opt for a 5 point harness that is considered the securest type.

3. Look for a product that is sturdy and can stand firmly on the floor or carpet. Also can easily be folded or dismantled for travelling.

4. Go for the type that has washable and removable seat covers so that they can be washed easily.

5. The seats should be comfortable but not too furry or soft that your child's face buries inside the fur or the plush cushioning if he falls asleep.

6. Make sure the bouncy chair has various sound or motion settings so that you can keep your baby properly entertained in a variety of ways.

7. The seat should be adjustable so as your baby grows up you can adjust the seat to a more sitting position.

Safety Guide

1. Always check to see if the product meets the safety standards. Look for a safety seal or a certification on the bouncer. 

2. Don't let your child sleep in the bouncer for long as this may block their airways. Put them on the bed or a baby cot as soon as they fall asleep.

3. While it can be a secure and good source of comfort and entertainment for the baby, never leave your child unattended in a bouncer. 

4. Since some babies are fidgety and can jump out of the bouncer, avoid placing it near things like cords, heaters or a stove where safety can be a question. 

5. Always keep the baby in the same room where you can work as well as keep an eye on your child.

6. Make sure to never put the bouncer on an elevated or slanted surface.

7. Don't rely on it too much. Give your baby a lot of tummy time and freedom of movement to help them develop spatial awareness and floor mobility.

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Price List

Model Price
Baby Wood Cort Rs. 16,000
Tinnies Baby Rocker - T601 Rs. 10,995
Tinnies Baby Rocker - (t613) Rs. 9,095
Jubilent Baby Toodler Is Best Rocker For New Born… Rs. 4,499
Junior Baby Bouncer Rs. 9,460
Junior Baby Bouncer Rocker Rs. 10,190
Mastela Baby Bouncer Portable Swing Rs. 13,995
Soothing Vibration Bouncer Rs. 7,595
Baby Bouncer Safari WOBG1002 Rs. 9,900
Junior Baby Bouncer Rs. 9,270
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