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Compare 53 prices from 3 stores.

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The baby car seat is used to ensure that the child riding in the backseat of the car remains safe and secure at all times. It reduces fatal injuries and the risk of children hurting themselves by moving around while the car is running. There are a variety of baby car seat models designed for various ages starting from infants and newborns to as old as 12 years old.


When looking for the best baby car seat for your precious bundle of joy be sure to know the weight and height of your child. There are plenty of car seats that use age range to recommend a model size. Most models will have 5 points of safety belts that secure the shoulders, hips with a strong clasp system between the legs. Acting as a harness protecting the child from any accident shocks ensuring they remain in their seat in case of collision.

Infants & New Borns 

The first model used by infants is a Rear-Facing Car Seat that as the name suggests faces away from the front of the car ensuring better safety and anchoring of the seat used up to 12 months of age. This model can take up to 22 to 35 pounds and is ideal for babies between 26 to 35 inches in height. There are convertible baby car seats that after the child outgrows the rear-facing placement can simply turn the seat around so that their legs have space. The baby car seats are fastened into place with the car's own seat belt system.

Toddlers & Young Children

If you are looking for a baby car seat to last then choosing an all-in-one model with a higher weight limit as compared to rear-facing models will ensure that you can use the same seat for a few years. They can take up to 40–50 pounds and are designed to be Forward-Facing. Children from the age of 4 onwards can use what is called a Booster Seat that is designed for their height, body shape and weight.


It is recommended to make sure that babies take breaks riding in the car seat on long durational road trips. Recommended seating time is up to 2 hours after which the baby needs to be given a break from that position.

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The best price of Baby Car Seat in Pakistan is Rs. 5,747.50 and the estimated average price is Rs. 20,361.

Price List

Model Price
Infantes Baby Car Seat Rs. 14,995
Graco Baby Bootser Car Seat No Back Rs. 5,747.50
Aprica Car Seat - G-8BU98CPVJ Rs. 109,997.50
Graco Baby Bootser Car Seat with High Back Rs. 9,897.50
Graco Booster Car Seat High Back Rs. 15,836
Graco Junior Car Seat - G-8498MDEJ Rs. 12,497.50
Graco Assure car seat - G-8E47CRDE Rs. 12,497.50
Graco Airpop Booster Car Seat - G-8AJ50GCDJ Rs. 29,997.50
Graco AFFIX Backless Booster Car Seat - G-8M102SAI Rs. 15,996
Graco Airpop Booster Car Seat - G-8AJ51COWTW Rs. 29,997.50
Aprica Air Ride AD Car Seat - G-8AJ62ASVJ Rs. 24,997.50
Aprica Air Ride AB Car Seat - G-8AJ61FYRJ Rs. 24,997.50