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Compare 31 prices from 9 stores.

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Raised from the ground a baby chair helps a baby be around the family dinner table and helps parents have some more mobility. A baby has to be at the right physical stage to be able to use one, make sure of this. Built with a more stable base and straps for better baby protection. Baby chairs come in many designs variations and price points, depending on brand and number of features.


Baby chair basics

A baby chair is raised from the ground, allowing a baby to be at the same level as grownups sitting around a table. Also called a high chair due to this fact. It usually has a wider base to aid in the overall stability, babies can be rowdy at times and if it isn't stable the baby chair could keel over. A tray is attached to the arms of the baby chair for the baby's food. Better quality baby chairs have straps to keep the baby somewhat contained.

When is a baby ready for a baby chair

Each baby is ready at a slightly different time, generally, the right time is around 4 to 6 months of age. Parents look forward to a baby being ready for a baby chair as it allows them to have a few moments of freedom around the kitchen or when eating. It also helps the baby interact with the family during meal times, which is important for social development. A baby should be able to sit up well with some support, be somewhat stable. Slight bobbing about is okay. Also, a baby must be able to hold their head up.

Considerations to pick the right one

The most basic thing to think about is how easy is it to get the baby out of a baby chair. Getting a baby in and out should be simple. As soon as babies can figure out how to pull themselves up they will most probably try it, this is why the harness straps are important. The buckle should be easy to use and a 3-point or 5-point harness is better to keep the baby safe. The seat itself should be comfortable and well-padded, a baby might be spending quite a bit of time in it if the baby is uncomfortable he or she will squirm about more. A footrest also helps in making the seat more comfortable. The baby chair will get messy as babies are notorious with dropping and throwing food. The chair should be easy to clean, a lot come in vinyl so they are convenient to wipe down. Fewer seams and crevices also help. The tray should be deep and wide so there is ample room, in case. A newer feature is the tray-within-a-tray, the top tray pops out so it can be washed in the sink. Baby chairs also come approved by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). If a JPMA seal is on the product and you can verify that, it will be a more safe baby chair. Some baby chairs come with a reclining feature too, you may be able to put a baby in this kind somewhat sooner. These could be used for a longer period as the baby grows. The reclining position can also be used to let the baby rest. It is not advisable to use the reclining position when feeding a baby.

Baby chair safety

As a general rule, babies cannot be left completely unattended, not even strapped down in a stable baby chair. Check the chair regularly so there isn't any damage and the necessary things are in place. Babies should be strapped in at all times as a majority of the accidents regarding baby chairs happen when parents haven't used the straps.

Baby chairs are available in many shapes, at many different price points; depending on the brand, build and features. Make sure to purchase one that is solid, stable and that has straps for better baby safety.

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The best price of Baby Chair in Pakistan is Rs. 2,202 and the estimated average price is Rs. 14,239.

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Baby High Chair for Babies and Toddlers 3 in 1 Ad… Rs. 16,500
Baby Love Baby High Chair Booster Baby Feeding Ch… Rs. 19,500
Baobaohao Baby Food Chair High Chair 293 Rs. 44,800
Plush Puff Leather Dining Chair Baby Dining Chair… Rs. 5,040
Foldable Children's High Chair Rs. 26,995
Baby Portable Feeding Chair Rs. 20,245
Portable Cartoon Tent Game Dining Chair Training … Rs. 11,300
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