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A safe place for a baby to sleep, the baby cot is designed to keep a child contained. The sides are high enough to allow the baby to stand and not fall out over them. There are some standard safety standards baby cots need to meet; these should be taken into consideration before purchase.


The baby cot

Cots were a further development from bassinettes, the rocking basket from old times. A cot has sides so a child cannot get out in the middle of the night and get hurt. With some cots one side comes down so it can be moved right beside the cares bed, opening onto the bed. Wheels are also a common function to make this moving about easier, in case. Once a child is between 1 to 2 years of age they should be moved out as they could possibly climb out and hurt themselves. This is on the parent to keep an eye as to when their child is able enough to possibly do so.

Standardisation for safety

Cot designs were standardised to reduce infant deaths, the sides cannot have any foothold so the child can't climb out. The bars have to be close together so a child cannot stick their head between them. There can be no parts sticking out towards the inside of a cot so a child cannot get strangled if their clothes get caught. The mattress needs to be the right fit, so there are no gaps where a child could get stuck and suffocate. 

Build materials and maintenance

Baby cots are often made of plastics today but are also available in wood or metal. Cots should be cleaned so there are lesser chances of infection. A wood one might have more chances of harbouring infections as the material is such. The bedsheets are also to be changed regularly as babies tend to throw up or salivate, which could cause bacterial growth. 

A baby cot is available at many price points as there are a lot of brands producing them. The variation in material would also affect cost.

Price List

Model Price
Huanger Music Bell BED RING For Baby HE0301 Rs. 1,750
Mama Love Classic Cot With Net Rs. 1,776
Plushmink Tiny Tots Cot Baby Blanket, Fawn Rs. 2,150
Baby Cot Ducks Rattles Toy Rs. 2,195
Birds Design Hanging Cot Mobile Rs. 2,300
Zebra Bouquet Baby Cot Filled Set Rs. 2,999
Hassan Gilani
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Compare 57 prices from 17 stores.

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