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Compare 15 prices from 6 stores.

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The most essential furniture for your newborn is a baby cradle that can safely ensure that they can sleep undisturbed for hours. It is available in various sizes according to the age and size of the baby. The initial cradle can be multifunctional features such as rocking and swing movement.


First Baby Cradle

The baby cradle features include soft chimes with stuffed toys, reflective mirrors and other designs to keep the baby busy playing. Based on the traditional swing basket concept of baby cradles in Pakistan these are more secure and can be used for playtime and naptime. The audio, visual and swing motion acts as a multisensory setting that can help put the baby to sleep. There are larger and static cradles that have a higher price point as those can accommodate kids up to 2-3 years old with removable and adjustable railings. These baby cots have a thicker mattress with indestructible mesh railings that make it feel more open and breathable a space for the baby. 

A Moses basket or carrycot designs are meant to be compact and take little space in the room. They are fully portable making it easy to set them up anywhere in the home to watch over the baby. This design is not fully baby proof for a baby older than 4 months as at that stage they start to roll and crawl making the cradle unstable. The cradle is recommended for a baby under 3 months as the low boundaries ensure they do not fall out. 

Types of Baby Cradles 

The convertible cradle design is very popular as this can be used for a longer durations and customizable to be compatible with the age of your baby. These have a convertible cradle that can be transformed into a bed with higher boundaries and mesh walls. Mothercare and Zubeidas offer many varieties of baby cradles in Pakistan. Some designs even have a pamper changing station to save precious space and added functionality for the mother.

The spherical cradle is highly decorative as the name suggests it has a round compact shape inspired by fairytales with a tagging canopy feature that looks sophisticated and luxurious in a nursery. The traditional cradle has soft rounded edges to protect the baby from any harm and is primarily made from strong wood sanded down and painted in pastel colours.


The baby cradle should feel soft to touch and have padding on the inside along with a small mattress. The cradle is hinged onto two legs that have a wide bottom to keep it stable. The antique versions of the baby cradle are made from wood and look vintage heirlooms that have been passed down generation to generation. They have the classic swing design but with embellishments and wood carving designs to make the baby cradle feel rustic and aged. 

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The best price of Baby Cradle in Pakistan is Rs. 2,450 and the estimated average price is Rs. 17,158.

Price List

Model Price
Wooden Cradle For Babies – HYW-6931 Rs. 29,250
Baby Love Cradle WIth ... Rs. 23,995
Baby Cradle Stroller Rs. 23,995
Electric Baby Cradle Grow With Me Rs. 19,500
Baby Cradle Car Safety Seats Rs. 15,845
Auto Baby Cradle Electric Swing SWE-1804BL Rs. 16,300
Junior 2-In-1 Ingenuity Baby Cradle Cdl-11063 Rs. 12,250
Most Durable New Born Baby Folding Cradle With At… Rs. 8,600
Bambino Baby Cradle Baby Swing with Mosquito Net … Rs. 4,500