Baby Diapers Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Baby Diapers in Pakistan is Rs. 550 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,272.


A baby has delicate and sensitive skin that needs soft and hygienic diapers. There are plenty of brands local and international offering a wide range of products for various ages.


Sensitive Skin

A baby can easily get rashes because of dampness due to a wet diaper, that is why it is essential that it be super absorbent and reliable. Using cloth can be too rough a fabric for the baby especially after it's been used. Diapers should be changed 3 to 5 times when baby is very young as the frequency decreases with age. Babies can wear diapers up to age 3 easily ensuring they are free to play without worrying about going to the toilet. 

Good Quality 

It is essential for the baby diaper you choose has a soft texture and smooth surface for sensitive skin. Diapers ensure that there is a reliable seal that will hold in place even when the baby excretes a heavy load of liquid or solid waste. A baby needs overnight diaper protection from 8 to 12 hours to ensure they do not wakeup. 

Comfort & Ultra Dry  

A baby moves around and is held frequently by the mother and family, making it essential that the diaper have secure straps to lock it in place. A diaper should be comfortable and fit close to the skin but not too tight as to ensure the blood circulation is not blocked.
Baby toiletries such as oil and powder may weaken the diaper fasteners to ensure they remain sticky for long durational periods it is advised to avoid any contact between the two. The fasteners are around the waste of the baby while there is a skirting along the thighs and bottom to ensure there is no leakage or spills. There are instructions on the diaper that make it easy to follow without making any mistakes. 


There is a natural line between the diaper that comes into contact with the baby's skin, it is free of any chlorine bleaching, fragrance, and is hypoallergenic ensuring the baby remain safe from any reactions. Diapers are now available in a variety of designs that make look cute and fashionable.


A baby that weighs between 8-14 lbs (4-6 kg) will use a Size 1, 12-18 lbs (5-8 kg) can wear a Size 1-2, 16-28 lbs (7-13 kg) is a Size 3, 22-37 lbs (10-17 kg) is a Size 4, 27+ lbs (12+ kg) is a Size 5 and 35+ lbs (16+ kg) is a Size 6.


One box of diapers can have up to 186 diapers depending on your personal needs and bulk shopping needs. Because diapers are frequently changed throughout the day and night. Depending on your babies needs they will need to be changed right before or right after every feeding.  
After every bowel movement, they will use their diaper and must be changed quickly to avoid any skin irritation. They will also need to change before bedtime as most baby diapers last for 8 to 12 hours. Mothers often carry spare diapers while being out with the baby to ensure they have a backup if any accident or surprise bowel movement takes place. This means the average number of diapers used every day could be up to 10 or 12 depending on the age of the baby. 


Diapers are meant to be kept away from heat or fire as they are flammable. Parents should be careful when letting children play with diapers as they can become a choking hazard. Popular companies that sell diapers are Huggies and Pampers. 

Baby Diapers Brands

1. Care Baby Diapers

2. Canbebe Diapers

3. Molfix Baby Diapers

Price List

Model Price
Mothers Baby Diaper Backpack Rs. 2,499
Mothers Baby Diaper Backpack Rs. 2,499
Jumbo Size Baby Diaper Bag Rs. 2,490
Baby Diaper Bag Rs. 1,780
BEBEM bebem Baby Diaper - Size NO 4- large /Max… Rs. 2,160
Pampers Baby Diapers Pants Mega Rs. 3,999
Royal Ozone Baby Diaper Small 50Peice Pack Rs. 1,170
Red Doted Baby Diaper Bag Rs. 2,590
4PCS Car Print Mother Bag Baby Diaper Bags Sets M… Rs. 2,499
Simper Baby Diapers Size 2no Small 3-6KG (96 Pcs … Rs. 2,600
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