Baby Master Diapers Price in Pakistan

The best price of Baby Master Diapers in Pakistan is Rs. 335 and estimated average price is Rs. 537.


The Baby Master diapers have all the essential features for keeping your baby comfortable and supported for up to 12 hours at a time. The design has hypoallergenic sheets that can quickly absorb liquid and keep the skin dry and protected from rashes.


Safe & Comfortable 

Keeping the skin inside the diaper dry is essential to good health and comfort that allows the baby to remain happy and playful. The inside of the diaper is made with a Quick Absorbing Layer that ensures the areas remain clean and dry.

Soft & Clean

The Lotion Care system has a cotton-like sheet that is soft and doesn't strip the skin of natural moisture. The Powerful Gel System is placed at the centre of the baby liner sheet that has a quick-dry ability that converts the liquid into a gel state.

No Accidents

The 4 side leak guard around the diaper liner area make sure no leaks occur when the diaper is reaching its maximum holding capacity. The Soft Tape used to hold the diaper in place has super grip capability that ensures the baby can crawl, move and play without any fear of the diaper opening up accidentally.

Cool & Fresh

The softcover sheet outside the diaper has fun graphics and a breathable back sheet that keeps the baby cool and fresh. The Easy Pack has 9 diapers that are affordable and budget-friendly ensuring parents do not feel overburdened by their daily diaper expenses.

Price List

Model Price
Baby Master Diapers Small (36Pcs ) Rs. 605
Baby Master Diapers Large (28Pcs) Rs. 605
Baby Master Diapers Small (27Pcs) Rs. 335
Baby Masters Diapers Exrta Large (24Pcs) Rs. 605
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