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Compare 22 prices from 5 stores.

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Rs. 790 - Rs. 6000


There are different types of pillows for babies available on our website. You can choose from nursing pillows, sleeping pillows and baby head shaping pillows on this page. While there are many imported pillows available, leading Pakistani brands include Zubaida's, Molty Foam, Baby Planet, The Baby's Store and Mothercare. Check baby pillow prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


Baby Nursing Pillow

The nursing pillow helps mothers hold the baby in a comfortable and ergonomic position while feeding. Dad's can also use this pillow while bottle-feeding their babies. The pillow can also double as a support pillow for pregnant women as it can help take the weight off from the back. You can also use this pillow to support the baby while he has his tummy time or sitting time. 

Baby Head Shaping Pillow

The heads of newborn babies have different shapes. While some are almost round, others are elongated or ill-shaped as a result of birth trauma or fluid build up etc. Also, newborns almost always lay down flat on the bed or in their crib so the head can become even more ill-shaped or flat. This can look odd so mothers prefer using baby head shaping pillows from the first day onwards. These pillows help make the head shape rounder and offer consistent support for their developing necks.

Baby Sleeping Pillow

The sleeping pillows for babies help prevent SIDS associated with confined cribs or wrong head position during sleeping. They also support the baby's neck and shoulders and allow comfortable sleep.

It is important to buy a pillow that has comfortable stuffing and soft outer fabric. Buy the washable variety and follow the manufacturer's instructions on washing and disinfecting the pillow to prevent bacteria and mold build-up. You can also buy baby pillow sets online at the best prices in Pakistan on this page.

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The best price of Baby Pillow in Pakistan is Rs. 790 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,594.

Price List

Model Price
Baby Neck Pillow Rs. 799
New Born Baby Head Shapping Pillow - Baby Head Ma… Rs. 1,455
Relaxsit Baby Feeding Nursing Pillow - Mother Fee… Rs. 1,990
Soft Elephant Baby Pillow Toy Rs. 2,300
Head Rest Neck Pillow U-Shaped Soft Neck Rest Pil… Rs. 1,800
Baby Pillow Bunny Yellow - Sunshine Rs. 895
Mini Me Baby Flannel Blanket- Light Weight Baby A… Rs. 995
Baby Pillow Bunny Yellow - Sunshine Rs. 1,260
Baby Pillow Character Moo Blue - Sunshine Rs. 1,295
Baby Pillow Rabbit Pink - Sunshine Rs. 895