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Compare 54 prices from 12 stores.

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Rs. 350 - Rs. 49995


Having a baby rocker in the home with an infant can make feeding and sleeping routines easier to manage for parents. New moms will especially benefit from having a safe and secure place for their baby to rest while they clean up or finish up home chores. There is a large variety of baby rockers available in the market that are made with bright colours and interesting toy objects hanging from a detachable baby chime.


Traditionally baby rockers swing gently back and forth and are made from wood. But the modern baby rocker has been redesigned with advanced electric modes with various modes and rocking speeds to keep the baby occupied for a long time. Using baby rocking has been an age-old remedy used by mothers to soothe their crying baby to sleep. The rocking motion used in these models mimics the same soothing rocking stimulation to entertain the baby helping parents manage their mood throughout the day. 

With the baby rocker mothers and fathers will be able to quickly feed their baby being able to use the rocking or bouncing motion to keep them satisfied and pacified until the meal is done. These are lightweight and portable making it easy for parents to take their baby to the park or on social gatherings without worrying about where they will sit, sleep or eat. They are weatherproof and highly durable made from strong plastic and parachute material that is tearproof. These baby rockers are easy to wash with some removable fabric covers. 

The baby rockers have a comfortable seat designed to recline the baby which ensures they stay balanced inside the seat with a safety harness that protects them from falling out while rocking. They can be used for up to a year until the baby can start sitting themselves in a high chair for feeding. Using baby rockers has many benefits which include better hand to eye coordination of the baby, cognition and balance development and never missing meal and sleep routine.

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The best price of Baby Rocker in Pakistan is Rs. 350 and the estimated average price is Rs. 11,622.

Price List

Model Price
Baby Rocker Chair Rs. 1,500
Infant To Toddle Rocker, Lbaby Toddler, Baby Boun… Rs. 7,999
Mambo Musical Baby Rocker Rs. 15,195
Tinnies T611 Baby Rocker Rs. 10,687
Tinnies T613 Baby Rocker Rs. 10,687
2 in 1 Rocker + Stroller Rs. 30,450
RC Electric Cradle Rocker Rs. 20,995
Tinnies Baby Rocker-Pink - T601 Rs. 12,825