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Compare 40 prices from 11 stores.

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Rs. 375 - Rs. 4995


Baby shampoo is a gentle, tear-free formula designed to clean and detangle hair, containing amphoteric surfactants that are mild cleansing agents. It is essential to use baby shampoo as adult shampoos have harsh chemical-heavy sulfates that strip the scalp of its natural moisture.



The baby shampoo and other moisturising products by Johnson and Johnson, Cetaphil, Dove, and other beauty brands specialise in creating the best Pediatrician and dermatologist-tested formulas that keep the baby safe and clean. The hypoallergenic formula will keep the baby's skin soft and clean. The no-tear formula is perfect for infants who can not control their head movements and will get water in their eyes while bathing. The parabens, phthalates, sulfates or dyes ensure that the baby's skin is not irritated by the shampoo. 


The 100% vegetarian ingredients are fragrance-free and have no added alcohol that can cause hard to the baby's skin or eyes. Because the baby’s hair is soft and delicate it needs to be moisturised with a vitamin-rich formula that will gently condition and hydrate the hair. Use warm water to wash your baby's hair, apply the formula with your hand gently rubbing it into the scalp. 

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The best price of Baby Shampoo in Pakistan is Rs. 375 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,208.

Price List

Model Price
Herbion Baby Shampoo Rs. 450
Johnson's Baby-shampoo, (100ml) Rs. 375
ESKULIN Kids Shampoo and Conditioner 250ml Rs. 650
Johnson's Baby Shampoo, (200ml) Rs. 632
Johnson's Baby Shampoo, UAE, 500ml Rs. 1,450
Johnsons Baby Shampoo Gold Rs. 842
ESKULIN Kids Shampoo and Conditioner 250ml Barbie Rs. 650
Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo 354ml Rs. 4,995
Johnson's Baby Shampoo Gold 100ml Rs. 510