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Compare 24 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 350 - Rs. 4395


Parents love to dress up their kids in pretty clothes and pair the outfits with matching booties long before the tots even start walking. From babies as little as newborns to toddlers, shoes are available in all sizes and designs and go with every attire. Baby shoes prices in Pakistan vary depending on the brand, style and material used.


Since little babies and toddlers outgrow shoes and outfits quickly, investing in high priced baby shoes is not a practical option. While there are many brands that sell great quality shoes at high price points, locally made affordable baby shoes are also present online in Pakistan. 

Material & Designs

Baby shoes are made out of a variety of materials where the most popular ones being soft fabrics, cotton, velvet, rubber, fur, suede, leather, wool, denim, crochet etc. Baby shoes curated out of sock material are also quite popular as a hassle-free and easy to put on and take off option.

Baby Shoes for Girls

Pink-coloured newborn baby shoes with a matching outfit are a perfect thing to gift to your friend on the birth of her baby girl. Stylish looking Crochet frocks paired with matching crochet shoes make for a lovely formal outfit for baby girls. Warmer months call for a summery pair of baby booties.

Shoes curated out of denim and cotton fabric look great as well as keep your baby's feet well ventilated. Baby shoes for girls include a wide range of girly colours like candy pink, sea green, yellow etc with lots of patterns and elaborate designing. Chiffon and silk fabric are used to make ballerina style shoes for girls as well as little flowers as adornments for shoes. 

Baby Shoes for Boys

Newborn baby boys can be gifted blue coloured booties made out of soft cloth to keep their feet warm and look cute. Toddlers look great in leather or denim baby shoes that match their outfits. In winters, anti-slip snow boots for babies look stylish and modern as well as provide safety while walking on snow-covered patios or the front yard. The most popular design for boys' shoes is laced up denim, suede or leather material.

Whichever design you choose, just make sure not to make the baby uncomfortable as ill-fitting shoes can hinder a baby's development. The shoes should be soft and comfortable to wear and something a child can easily walk in. 

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The best price of Baby Shoes in Pakistan is Rs. 350 and the estimated average price is Rs. 909.

Price List

Model Price
5 Layer Shoe Rack Rs. 4,395
Kid's Sandals, For Boys, Brown, 228-49 Rs. 2,700
Kid's Sandals, For Boys, Brown, 228-50 Rs. 2,700
Kid's Slippers, For Girls, 228-17 Orange Rs. 2,700
Peshawari Chappal For Babies Traditional Style (n… Rs. 350
Crochet Shoes For Babies/ Baby Girl Woolen Shoes … Rs. 350
Crochet Shoes For Babies/ Baby Girl Woolen Shoes … Rs. 510
Crochet Shoes For Babies/ Baby Girl Woolen Shoes … Rs. 490
Crochet Shoes For Babies/ Baby Girl Woolen Shoes … Rs. 530
Crochet Shoes For Babies/ Baby Girl Woolen Shoes … Rs. 470