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Compare 4 prices from 2 stores.

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Rs. 850 - Rs. 1595


Baby bedding for your newborn needs to be reliable, comfortable and easy to change. A baby sleeping bag that has a secure no-slip design meant to securely wrap the baby at all times. The comfortable warm environment keeps the baby calm and helps inducing deep sleep.



It is similar to a traditional wrap-around blanket used to swaddle babies at birth. Sleeping bags are ideally used a few weeks after birth when the baby becomes active and starts to move their arms and legs. There are dual and single zips on either side of the bag.

A sleeping bag has extra padding built into it that surrounds the baby making it easy to place down on the bed and pram or pushcart. It can easily replace warm blankets and provide relief from multiple layers of clothing when going outside the house. 

The sleeping bag design includes an area for the neck and some even have armholes that can be worn by the baby freeing their limbs. These are ideal for night sleep routines as the armholes and neck area can be adjusted to keep the baby at optimal temperatures. 


They are made from comfortable and hypoallergic pure cotton that does not irritate sensitive skin. There are also brushed flannelette material sleeping bags that are warmer and ideally used in the winter season. The stretch cotton terry and cotton jersey are comfortable for the baby as they do not restrict their movement. 

There are so many kinds of sleeping bags in the market in various patterns and sizes. With a wide colour selection and seasonal designs that are designed specifically for summer and winter. There are sleeping bags with a detachable hood for very cold winter nights travelling outside with the baby. But the ones with a hood will loosen the neck area so much that the baby might sleep too deep into the bag. It is recommended to use them without hood versions for very small babies. 

Thermal Heating

Sleeping bags have a range of togs starting from 1 to 4 setting of thermal resistance built into the design to keep the baby warm. The ideal number is 2 tog as that will keep the baby warm without the risk of overheating. If the temperatures are lower than 16 degrees inside the home then it is advised to use the higher tog numbers such as 3 and 4. 

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The best price of Baby Sleeping Bag in Pakistan is Rs. 850 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,346.

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Sleeping Bag For New Born Baby – Random Design Rs. 850