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The best price of Baby Wipes in Pakistan is Rs. 112 and estimated average price is Rs. 704.


Baby wipes are a quick way to clean up, making it efficient especially in transit. Containing ingredients to kill germs and made from various materials. Available in the organic chemical-free format too.


A relatively modern need

In the late 1950s when air travel became more common people needed a quicker way to clean up their babies in transit. Enter the baby wipe, a small towel like cloth with mild cleansing agents on it so it does not aggravate the sensitive skin of a baby. Baby wipes are also scented to help with smells. Rockline Industries is one of the largest private-label producers of baby wipes and are the first to introduce a dispensable pop-up pack and a refillable pack, which have both become commonplace today. By the 1990s many brands were producing baby wipes, with a lot of superstores stocking private-label brands under their own tags. 

Ingredients and the wipe

Most of the available wipes are made from plastic textiles made of polyester or polypropylene. Sadly these materials are cheaper, along with wood pulp and rayon. Cotton baby wipes cost more due to the higher cost of base produce. The material inside packs is softened with isopropyl alcohol and treated with softeners, lotions, or perfume to adjust the overall softness and feel. A preservative by the name of 'Methylisothiazolinone' is used so bacteria and mould do not grow inside the packet maintaining a sterile environment. Essential oils are also used for scent at times. Green-minded people tend to avoid baby wipes due to the chemicals used and the fact that each wipe is disposable. Over time the cost of using wipes regularly can add up as well. Such people tend to use washable baby wipes made from bamboo, fleece or cotton. These can be soaked beforehand and ready for use. There are also organic baby wipes that are free of chemicals and such.


Baby skin is very sensitive so it is important to pick a brand that does not aggravate it. It may take some trial and error or unless you are already aware of any allergies a baby may have. Another thing that is important is to air the area once wiped so it is dry before another diaper is put on to prevent diaper rash. If a baby'skin looks red after usage it may be causing a reaction so please keep an eye on it and call a paediatrician if it does not get better or go away.

Well known brands are Mothercare, Huggies and Pampers. HIPP produces organic versions for a gentler cleanse. The prices vary between brands and types; organic ones would cost more.

Price List

Model Price
Pampers New Baby Wipes with Plan Based Fibers 50 … Rs. 480
Johnsons Baby Gentle All Over Wipes 72 Pcs Rs. 480
Pack Of 5 Soft Creme Cotton Baby Wipes (70 Wet Sh… Rs. 580
Baby Wipes 80 Pcs (pack Of 12) Rs. 889
Pampers Baby Wipes 64 Counts Rs. 399
Simper Baby Wipes-70 Pcs Rs. 280
BABY WIPES 80S Rs. 600
Johnson's Gentle All Over Baby Wipes, 72-Pack Rs. 495
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