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The best price of Bake Parlor in Pakistan is Rs. 40 and estimated average price is Rs. 170.


Bake Parlor, the registered trademark of Rasul Group of Companies started off with flour milling in 1984 and then manufacturing vermicelli or "sawayean" in 1997. By 2000, they had ventured into Pasta and over the next few years, the company expanded its business to include baked goods, rusk, baqar khani, nankhatai, sauces, ketchup, frozen foods, beverages, sherbat range, ice cream syrups, nimko and whole wheat pasta. Today it has become one of the largest pasta manufacturers as well as importers of wheat in Pakistan.


Pasta is everyone's favourite, no matter what nationality and is a staple food for multiple ethnicities. It is easy to make and deliciously addictive if made the right way and with the right ingredients. When it comes to buying pasta in Pakistan, only two names stand out, Bake Parlor and Kolson.  

Bake Parlor Products

Bake Parlor pasta is loved widely across Pakistan for its taste and the huge array of options. Available in whole wheat and refined plain range Bake Parlor spaghetti, macaroni and penne pasta are the most sought out in the country. Bake Parlor atta or refined flour is also quite popular and is widely bought online. All products by the brand are categorized into several sections as listed below.

1. Refined Flour Pasta Range

2. Whole Wheat Pasta Range

3. Pasta Recipe Mix Range

4. Sauces, Vinegar, Chutney & Ketchup

5. Vermicelli Range

6. Cordial Syrups/Sherbat

7. Snacks Division

8. Bread, Flour & Baked Goods

Bake Parlor spaghetti price in Pakistan depends on the pack size and spaghetti type but it is hands down one of the most affordable brands in the country. If you are confused between the refined and whole-grain pasta, go for the whole wheat variety as it is lower in calories and carbs as well as higher in nutrients and fibre.

All products by Bake Parlor are available at the best prices in Pakistan on our website.

Price List

Model Price
Bake Parlor Soya Sauce 750ml Rs. 220
Bake Parlor Bar B Que Macroni 2 in 1 250g Rs. 170
Bake Parlor Fancy Spaghetti Pouch 500gm Rs. 165
Bake Parlor Color Flavored Vermicelli 100g Rs. 190
Bake Parlor Plain Paratha Rs. 167
Bake Parlor Twisted Macaroni 400gm Rs. 180
Bake Parlor Shashlik Macaroni 250g Rs. 230
Bake Parlor Bread Small Rs. 110
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