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Pasta is a much-loved food and one can find various brands that produce it. Bake Parlor pasta is locally made and this is a brand that has been around for a very long time and has many products that are based on flour, as is pasta. There is ample variety for one to choose the kind they want for the pasta dish they are preparing. The prices are also accessible so one can afford to make a yummy pasta dish.


Bake Parlor was started in 1926, it is one of the largest and oldest flour related businesses in the country. Among the products, one can find a variety of pasta.

Based on what specific pasta dish you want to make, Bake Parlor has options. There is plain spaghetti, macaroni and sheets for lasagna. If one wants conch shaped pasta or fusilli Bake Parlor also has those.

For people who want whole wheat pasta, Bake Parlor has spaghetti and macaroni available in that too. This could be for a more fibrous meal.


The price of the various Bake Parlor pasta is nominal, making for an affordable ingredient for your pasta dishes. 

Price List

Model Price
Ceramic Pasta Bowl 24CM Rs. 2,500
Noodles Pasta Maker Machine Rs. 5,499
Pastry Dough Card Rs. 1,828
Prestige Baking And Pastry Decoration Diy Rs. 2,145.70
Noodle & Pasta Making Machine - Silver Rs. 5,624
Calisto White Glazed Terracotta Pasta Bowl Rs. 4,220
Ceramic Food Serving Tray- European Style Cake Se… Rs. 2,599
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