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Bake Parlor's whole grain and refined plain pasta range includes a variety of spaghetti types and flavours. They are enriched with nutrients and loaded with flavour. Bake Parlor Spaghetti prices in Pakistan are in the wallet-friendly range. 


Bake Parlor Spaghetti Flavors & Ingredients

The white wheat flour used in making spaghetti is procured from the brand's own flour mills and the pasta is made at Italian plants. There are over 10 delicious flavours of spaghetti by Bake Parlor. The popular ones include Fajita, Chicken Chilli, Chicken Chowmein and Meat Ball Spaghetti.

The brand uses natural ingredients for curating its pasta range and does not add any harmful additives such as MSG. There are around 200 calories in one serving of Bake Parlour spaghetti. 

Whole Grain Vs Refined

If you are confused between refined and whole-grain pasta, go for the whole wheat variety as it is lower in calories and carbs as well as higher in nutrients and fibre.

Bake Parlor spaghetti price in Pakistan depends on the pack size and spaghetti type but it is hands down one of the most affordable brands in the country.

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