Bakea Caster Sugar

Compare 3 prices from 2 stores.

Compare 3 prices from 2 stores.


Rs. 430 - Rs. 540


Bakea Caster Sugar stands as a testament to precision and quality in sweetening culinary creations. Its fine texture, quick dissolving ability and high purity makes it a standout choice for those seeking exceptional results in their dishes.


Precision in Granulation

The finely ground granules of Bakea Caster Sugar distinguish it from regular granulated sugar. This feature contributes to achieving a smooth and consistent texture in various baked goods and desserts.

Ideal for Delicate Creations

The fine texture proves particularly beneficial in recipes where achieving a delicate and uniform structure is essential, such as in sponge cakes and mousse.

Meticulous Processing

Caster Sugar by Bakea undergoes meticulous processing, ensuring a high level of purity. This means that it adds sweetness to your dishes without introducing unwanted flavours or textures.

Pure & Neutral

The absence of impurities allows Bakea to serve as a pure and neutral sweetening agent, letting the flavours of your culinary creations shine through.

Rapid Dissolution

The standout feature of Caster Sugar by Bakea lies in its ability to dissolve quickly. This makes it an excellent choice for recipes where even and swift distribution of sweetness is crucial, as seen in meringues, custards and certain pastries.

Smooth Consistency

The quick dissolving property ensures a smooth consistency, contributing to the success of recipes that demand a flawless texture.

Baking Brilliance

A staple in baking recipes, Bakea Caster Sugar excels in creating light and airy textures in cakes, cookies, and other baked goods.

Its fine texture is especially valuable in achieving superior results in delicate desserts like sponge cakes and mousse.

Meringues & Pavlovas

Caster sugar's quick-dissolving nature is ideal for creating stable foams in meringues and pavlovas. The fine granules play a role in achieving the glossy finish characteristic of these delicate treats.

Beverage Sweetening

Beyond baking, Bakea Caster Sugar is a convenient choice for sweetening beverages. Whether it is iced tea, lemonade, or cocktails, its quick dissolving and fine texture ensure a seamless blending process.

Consistency Guaranteed

Bakea delivers consistent and reliable results in your culinary endeavors. The fine granules contribute to the uniform distribution of sweetness, ensuring a harmonious and delightful outcome.

Time Efficiency

The quick dissolving property of Bakea streamlines the baking process, saving valuable time in the kitchen. It effortlessly incorporates into mixes and batters, contributing to overall time efficiency.


Bakea Caster Sugar's versatility extends beyond baking, making it a valuable addition to various culinary applications.

Whether sweetening a beverage or perfecting a dessert, this sugar proves to be a versatile ally in the kitchen.

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The best price of Bakea Caster Sugar in Pakistan is Rs. 430 and the estimated average price is Rs. 502.

Price List

Model Price
SUGARIE granualted Brown Pure Cane Sugar - 1kg Rs. 430
Sugarie Granulated Brown Pure Cane Sugar 1kg Rs. 535
Sugar - Crystal White Sugar - 2kg Rs. 540