Bakea Caster Sugar Price in Pakistan

The best price of Bakea Caster Sugar in Pakistan is Rs. 139 and estimated average price is Rs. 139.


The Bakea Caster Sugar is the middle grind, between icing sugar and granulated sugar. This is used in specific recipes for baking or even in drinks as it dissolves easier.


The Bakea Caster Sugar grain is something between icing sugar and granulated sugar. It is used in recipes as it can be mixed in easier and help save time. Caster sugar is used for meringues, souffles and sponge cakes.

Icing sugar cannot be used to replace caster sugar as icing sugar has anti-caking agents. Granulated sugar however can be used instead of caster sugar, although the measurements need to be adjusted as a cup of either is not the same. Some people cite a 1:1 ratio though, meaning either can be used in equal parts.

The Bakea Caster Sugar is also often used for drinks, again this is due to its ability to be diluted and mixed faster.

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Bakea Caster Sugar 300g Rs. 139
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