Bakea Cocoa Powder Price in Pakistan

The best price of Bakea Cocoa Powder in Pakistan is Rs. 200 and estimated average price is Rs. 287.


Bakea Cocoa Powder is used for whatever recipe requires cocoa powder, this is often the case for brownies or cakes made from scratch.


Bakea Cocoa Powder is a more pure form of chocolate that is used in various recipes.

Cocoa powder can be a bit bitter, it is used as a flavouring for dairy drinks, biscuits, brownies, cakes and whatever else needs chocolate flavour. People also use it as a powdered coating over desserts at times, similar to icing sugar.

Cocoa powder is also known to be good for the health, it has theobromine which helps with inflammation reduction and protection from heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

The Bakea Cocoa Powder is affordably priced.

Price List

Model Price
Bakea Premium Cocoa Powder 100g Rs. 303
Bakea Classic Cocoa Powder 100g Rs. 200
Bakea Classic Cocoa Powder 200g Rs. 358
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