Bakea Cooking Chocolate Dark Price in Pakistan

The best price of Bakea Cooking Chocolate Dark in Pakistan is Rs. 256 and estimated average price is Rs. 374.


Needed for various desserts the Bakea Cooking Chocolate Dark is a key ingredient for things such as brownies, cakes, cookies and more. It is a more bitter kind of chocolate that is prefered by many people.


The Bakea Cooking Chocolate Dark can be used as an ingredient for any dish that requires it. It is especially useful for people who bake. Bakea Cooking Chocolate Dark is ideal to mix with other kinds of chocolates to create the kind of chocolate balance you want between bitter and sweet.

Dark chocolate on its own can be too much, so mixing it with other chocolate allows one to balance it out as they like. For people who prefer dark chocolate, the Bakea Cooking Chocolate Dark could be used on its own as well.

This would be great as a filling as well, for something like chocolate croissants.

Price List

Model Price
Bakea Cooking Chocolate Dark 500g Rs. 492
Bakea Cooking Chocolate Dark 200g Rs. 256
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