Bakea Icing Sugar Price in Pakistan

The best price of Bakea Icing Sugar in Pakistan is Rs. 139 and estimated average price is Rs. 139.


Bakea Icing Sugar is used to add a fine layer of sugar on top of one's desserts. This could be used for cakes, pastries, doughnuts and more. Icing sugar is mostly white sugar or processed sugar.


Bakea Icing Sugar is for covering your desserts with a fine layer of sugar. Icing sugar is also known as powdered sugar, confectioner's sugar or 10X sugar as well.

This sugar from Bakea is finely crushed so it adds a very fine layer, which almost dissolves when eaten. It is added to add a subtle sweetness to the initial bite and in large as a decoration. Some icing sugars have anti-caking agents, this is due to how fine they are and could clump together easily, ruining the effect.

Due to the fact that some icing sugars have anti-caking agents, they cannot always be used as a substitute for granulated sugar.

The Bakea brand is from Hus Enterprise Lahore.

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Bakea Icing Sugar 300GM Rs. 139
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