Bakea Pancake Mix Buttermilk Price in Pakistan

The best price of Bakea Pancake Mix Buttermilk in Pakistan is Rs. 365 and estimated average price is Rs. 365.


A standard breakfast food, the pancake is delicious with sauces and toppings. It is super easy to make them, one can use the Bakea Pancake Mix Buttermilk; it needs just water added. An affordably priced item that is yummy and loved by all age groups.


Pancakes are a favourite breakfast food, although they can be eaten anytime as a snack or meal. The Bakea Pancake Mix Buttermilk is a quick way to make pancakes. This mix comes in a powdered form and only needs water added to it.

Once the batter is ready you can make the pancakes you'd like, larger ones or lots of smaller ones. The Bakea Pancake Mix Buttermilk box gives you about 20 pancakes at a more regular size.

The toppings for pancakes can include various fruits, ice cream, whipped cream, nuts and syrups. Maple syrup is often had with pancakes. One could also use a chocolate syrup or honey. All these toppings can be mixed together however you want, so one can create something to their liking.

The Bakea Pancake Mix Buttermilk is a nominally priced food item.

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Bakea Pancake Mix Buttermilk 450g Rs. 365
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