Bakea Pancake Mix Original

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Compare 3 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 1450 - Rs. 2974


Bakea Pancake Mix Original is a top-notch, versatile and tasty choice for pancake mixes. Its focus on quality ingredients, ease of making and unique taste make it a favourite for those who want a breakfast that is more than just ordinary.


Premium Ingredients

This mix uses really good ingredients, which makes it stand out. The flour, baking powder and a secret flavour all contribute to its amazing taste and texture.


You can do more with Bakea Pancake Mix Original than just make regular pancakes. You can get creative in the kitchen by making classic pancakes, and waffles or trying it in other recipes. It is versatile and can fit different tastes.


The taste of Bakea Pancake Mix Original is unique. It has the right balance of sweetness and a bit of richness that makes it different from other pancake mixes.

Easy to Make

Making pancakes with this mix is easy. The instructions are simple, and you do not need to be an expert cook to make delicious pancakes.

It is perfect for busy mornings or lazy weekends when you want a tasty breakfast without a lot of work.

Texture & Fluffiness

Getting the perfect pancake texture can be hard, but Bakea Pancake Mix Original makes it simple. It gives you fluffy pancakes with a golden, slightly crispy outside, a satisfying bite in every forkful.

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The best price of Bakea Pancake Mix Original in Pakistan is Rs. 1,450 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,975.

Price List

Model Price
Betty Crocker Pancake Mix, Butter Milk, 907g Rs. 1,500
Betty Crocker Pancake Mix Buttermilk 1.04kg IMP Rs. 1,450
18cm Non Stick Pancake Making Kit Rs. 2,974