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Compare 219 prices from 13 stores.

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One of the most common accessories, the bangle has been around for centuries. Just as before, even today they are made from various materials including glass, precious metals, shells and more. Essentially any rigid material that can retain form can be used to make bangles. Available at different prices depending on the material and make.


The bangle

One of the most ancient forms of adornment is the bangle. Generally, a rigid material is used making the bangle stay in shape, unlike a bracelet. Ancient versions made from stone, metal, terracotta, glass, shells and other materials have been found at many archaeological sites. The word itself originates from the Sanskrit word for glass 'bangri'. Women in the subcontinent wear bangles for a while post their marriage, the origin of this custom is unknown. Another more universal time for wearing bangles is Eid, mostly these are glass bangles.


Bangles can be made simple and plain, or there are many designs that are inlaid by hand. Some have stones inserted into them as well. The different types can have significance, such as gold bangles for a newly married woman. Precious metals that are of better quality have a more pronounced jingle than imitative jewellery.

Glass bangles are available in an endless number of colours and shades. Women choose the colour that matches or creates contrast with their attire. At times wearing multiple colours as well.

There are, now, cheaper bangles that are made from plastic but people still prefer the traditional glass ones in comparison.

Bangles are available at any range of price points, it all depends on what material they have been made from. Also if they are made by a design house they shall probably cost a lot more. But there are many options that are available at very nominal prices.

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The best price of Bangles in Pakistan is Rs. 549 and the estimated average price is Rs. 102,073.

Price List

Model Price
Madrasi Bangles-25 Rs. 1,999
BANGLES-0376 Rs. 4,000
Mystic Bangles Rs. 4,500
Boulevard Bangles Rs. 4,000
Nectar Bangles Rs. 7,500
Bangles-91 (Golden) Rs. 1,600
Madrasi Bangles-13 Rs. 3,000
Cubic Zircon Bangles Rs. 8,000
12 Pcs Bangles-0165 Rs. 1,500
Bangles - AL-BG-1065 Rs. 1,150