Barber Scissors Price in Pakistan

The best price of Barber Scissors in Pakistan is Rs. 280 and estimated average price is Rs. 614.


Scissors are essential tools at any barber or hairdresser's shop. Barbers keep multiple scissors with different blades and sizes for various haircuts. One scissors cannot achieve all types of haircuts so it is necessary to own more than one if you are in the hairdressing business. Barber scissors price in Pakistan varies depending on the product and vendor but you can easily find them online at affordable prices.


Barber Scissors Set

Barber or hairdresser scissor kits are also available online that include multiple tools and scissors. A typical kit would include:

1. Comb

2. Straight cut-throat razor with or without blade

3. Oil tube 

4. Casing

5. Thinning scissors

Tips & Comments

The best material for scissors is high-grade stainless steel that prevents them from rust or corrosion. There can be a lot of options when it comes to scissors kits as they can include a few to a multitude of tools and accessories. They are typically designed ergonomically to lay comfortably in your hands. To prolong the life of hair grooming scissors, always keep them clean and well lubricated and store them at a dry and clean place. Even better if you store the scissors in a pouch or box.

Price List

Model Price
Barbar Scissor 7.5 For Hair Cutting Barber Hairdr… Rs. 349
Zayraz Professional Barber/salon Razor Edge Hair … Rs. 980
Barber Scissor Hair Cutting Hair Styling Scissors… Rs. 280
Zayraz Professional Barber/salon Razor Edge Hair … Rs. 990
Barbar Scissor 7.5 For Hair Cutting Barber Hairdr… Rs. 345
Barber Scissor - DE-522 Rs. 745
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