Baseus Covers Price in Pakistan

The best price of Baseus Covers in Pakistan is Rs. 200 and estimated average price is Rs. 982.


An important accessory from Baseus is their range of covers for smartphones. These can help save one's smartphone from cracking open. Baseus covers are expensive, as far as covers go.


Baseus covers

A Chinese brand that produces accessories for our gadgets, Baeus has a lot of options. Among their product range, one can also find covers for their smartphone.

Given how much we use smartphones and carry them with ourselves all the time, the chances of them falling from our lap or slipping from our hand are very high. If one doesn't have a cover their smartphone is a lot more likely to crack open.

Putting on a cover keeps one's smartphone safe from most minor drops. Baseus has a range that is made with different sizes, compensating for all the various kinds of smartphones people have today. The covers themselves are either transparent or block colours; some have a bit of glitter added in as well.

Baseus covers are made from plastics or rubbers, these are able to take the impact of the fall. Even if the smartphone isn't going to crack, the edges get all dented whenever it drops, a cover can save it from this too.


The price of Baseus covers is high as far as smartphone covers go.

Price List

Model Price
Baseus Luxury Plating Glitter Case For Iphone 11 … Rs. 450
Htc One (m7) Back Cover Baseus Silicon Case For H… Rs. 220
Auto Focus Transparent Case For Iphone 7 Plus, 8 … Rs. 220
Baseus Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Transparent Cover Rs. 699
Baseus iPhone 12 Pro Max Transparent Cover Rs. 750
Baseus Samsung Note 10 Transparent Cover Rs. 599
Baseus Universal Phone Back Wallet Card Slots Rs. 1,399
Baseus Arc Surface Glass Tempered Film For iPhone… Rs. 599
SAMSUNG GALAXY J7 PRO Casual Summer Fashion Desig… Rs. 999
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