Baseus Power Bank Price in Pakistan

Compare 57 prices from 17 stores. The best price of Baseus Power Bank in Pakistan is Rs. 10,900 and the estimated average price is Rs. 16,549.


A digital accessory brand from China, Baseus is known for its excellent quality power banks and other mobile accessories. It is famous for its affordability and for also not compromising on quality despite the low prices. Check out Baseus power bank prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


You can easily buy Baseus Power Bank online at best prices in Pakistan from our page. You need a power bank when your phone or tablet frequently runs out of battery and you need to recharge it immediately. Even if you do not need it right away, it is always great to have a battery backup while you are out of the house for long hours.


Some people travel a lot and also have high phone usage that requires them to keep their phones charged at all times. That's where power bank by Baseus comes in handy as you can take it along while where there is no option of charging the phone/tablet. Baseus 20,000 mAh portable charger is amongst the best options for frequent travelers. 

Great Design

Baseus portable chargers adorn a compact and lightweight design. The sleek design allows for carrying the device easily in your pocket or luggage. 


These power banks are compatible with all chargeable devices that use USB cables to get charged. These may include, mobiles, tablets, wireless headphones, USB lighters etc. While the low-cost power banks by Baseus may sound appealing, the higher-priced ones have the ability to charge more than one device at the same time and can also hold in more power. 

Dual Charging

Power banks by Baseus come with two USB ports/Type C port. They can be recharged by Type-C/IP/Micro port as well as pass-through charging.

Some advanced level Baseus power banks also have chips built-in that keep your devices from surges and short circuits. Another variety even has the ability to monitor their temperature and decrease their power output if it is heating up the power bank too much. Keep visiting this page for exclusive discounts and sale offers on Basues power banks. 

Price List

Model Price
Baseus Power Station GaN Power Bank Adapter 10,00… Rs. 10,900
Baseus 3 in 1 Swan Magnetic Wireless Bracket 20W Rs. 10,999
Baseus StarJoy 6-Port Type-C HUB Adapter Rs. 10,999
Baseus GaN2 Pro Quick Charger 2C+2U 100W Rs. 11,000
Baseus Swan 3-in-1 Wireless Magnetic Charging Bra… Rs. 11,500
Baseus Metal Gleam Series 8-in-1 Multifunctional … Rs. 11,999
Hube 3-In-1 Wirless 10,000 mAh Power Bank + Wall … Rs. 11,999
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Compare 57 prices from 17 stores.

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