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Compare 9 prices from 1 stores.

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Rs. 3374 - Rs. 8999


Bata is one of the most known shoe brands in Pakistan. They have an extensive catalogue that covers shoes for men, women and kids. With a variety from formal to athletic wear. The sales they hold make their already competitively priced shoes even more affordable.



Bata has been making shoes for over a century and has been in Pakistan since 1942. The brand has various sub-labels for the different lines they produce. These include Ambassador, Comfit, Bubble Gummers, Mocassino, Weinbrenner, Northstar and a few more.

Within these various lines, Bata covers many different styles. They have options for formal wear, casual wear and also athletic wear.

The kid's school shoes are one of their most selling items. Bata also makes shoes that are designed for rugged outdoor wear while trekking or hiking.

Pricing & sales

As a brand Bata is known for its quality of products and the fact that they are available at a very competitive price. They regularly hold sales so one can save even more money. This also allows for a lot more people to be able to afford their shoes. Their reputation is great in Pakistan for these reasons.


The best price of Bata Sale in Pakistan is Rs. 3,374 and the estimated average price is Rs. 6,041.

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[{"id":41382290030707,"title":"40\/6 \/ White","o… Rs. 7,499
[{"id":41761860649075,"title":"36\/3 \/ White","o… Rs. 5,249
[{"id":41349639274611,"title":"40\/6 \/ Grey","op… Rs. 3,749
[{"id":41108076396659,"title":"40\/6 \/ Black","o… Rs. 3,374
[{"id":41126851838067,"title":"40\/6 \/ Black","o… Rs. 3,749
[{"id":41190093717619,"title":"40\/6 \/ Blue","op… Rs. 5,999
[{"id":41396212564083,"title":"40\/6 \/ Black","o… Rs. 8,999
[{"id":41396211908723,"title":"40\/6 \/ White","o… Rs. 8,249
[{"id":41396211449971,"title":"40\/6 \/ White","o… Rs. 7,499