Bathroom Accessories

Compare 528 prices from 10 stores.

Compare 528 prices from 10 stores.

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Accessories can provide both functional and aesthetic purposes and can make your life easier. You can choose from a wide range of bathroom fixtures and accessories on this page to complete your bathroom decor. We have also listed all names of popular bathroom accessories to choose from for your convenience.


Bathroom Accessories Names

1. Soap, toothpaste, sanitiser and shampoo dispenser

2. Soapdish

3. Toothbrush holder

4. Bath sets 

5. Anti-fog mirror 

6. Shower caddy 

7. Towels, towel holders, rail or racks

8. Toiletries

9. Liquid soap dispensers

10. Toilet Brush Holder

11. Shower stool 

12. Shower curtains

13. Toilet paper rack

14. Bathroom mats & toilet covers

15. Vanity sets

16. Toiletries organizer

17. Storage bin

18. Trash bin

19. Lighting 

20. Artificial plants

21. Automatic hand dryer

22. Bathroom scales

23. Bathroom cabinet

24. Shelves

25. Robe hook

26. Cleaning tools

27. Grab rails

28. Laundry basket

29. Washing machine

30. Sponge rack

Fitted Bathroom Accessories

These include all bathroom fixtures, fittings and other accessories that are fitted to the wall, ceiling or floor. These include shower head, Muslim shower, faucet, sink, hand shower, toilet, bathtub, dressing cabinet, mirrors, electric receptacle, shower cubicle, shower controls, shower ventilator etc.

Recommended Material

Brass alloy is considered amongst the best materials for fitted bathroom accessories. They are environmentally friendly and are also highly durable and do not rust or deteriorate. Accessories made out of brass alloy material that has a special environmental protection copper coating provide a long service life hence are expensive than other materials.

Buy individual pieces as well as bathroom accessory sets from multiple online sellers on our website. You can also buy fixed bathroom accessories and fixtures on this page.

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The best price of Bathroom Accessories in Pakistan is Rs. 2,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 28,098.

Price List

Model Price
Mint More (By MontBeau France) – Set of 4 Pieces … Rs. 7,332
Nirvana Jet Black (By MontBeau France) – Set of 4… Rs. 7,800
Pastel Sunshine (By MontBeau France) – Set of 4 P… Rs. 7,332
Floral Bloom (By MontBeau France) – Set of 4 Piec… Rs. 7,098
Snow Craft (By MontBeau France) – Set of 4 Pieces… Rs. 7,800
Chocolate Honey Comb (By MontBeau France) – Set o… Rs. 7,332
Melody Dirt (By MontBeau France) – Set of 4 Piece… Rs. 7,332
Chocolate Flora (By MontBeau France) – Set of 4 P… Rs. 7,332
Modern Bathroom Accessory Set of 4 Set Rs. 3,380
White Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Set, Bathroom Va… Rs. 3,640
IKEA BROGRUND Toilet Roll Stand Convenient Bathro… Rs. 2,599
Empire Home Modern Stone 4-Piece Bathroom Accesso… Rs. 3,220