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Compare 43 prices from 2 stores.

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The bathroom mirror is both a functional and decorative part of the over design that helps create the illusion of space but is also used as an essential part of getting ready to go out. It has to be moisture resistant as the heat and moisture of the shower can damage the mirror. The best option is to choose tempered glass that has a strong back, preventing it from breaking in shards reducing the risk of getting hurt.


Design & Functionality 

There are many kinds of bathroom mirrors available online the small to medium wall-mounted frameless mirror is highly popular for its simple and reliable design. If you do not have a mirror in the home then the bathroom might be the best place to have a mirror so that brushing your teeth and hair can become easier. The bathroom mirror will reflect light from the window and bulb creating the illusion of a brighter and bigger space.

Additional Designs

The Mirror Cabinet is a great way to incorporate a bathroom mirror with additional storage space for toiletries, toothbrush and paste, shaving tools and other essentials without cluttering your sink area. The extendable Concave Mirror is usually hinged to the side with an adjustable rack that can be moved closer for detailed grooming of the face. These are round in shape with an inward curve that magnifies the reflection.

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The best price of Bathroom Mirror in Pakistan is Rs. 1,249 and the estimated average price is Rs. 7,458.

Price List

Model Price
Bathroom Mirror With Shelves Rs. 3,299
Bathroom Mirror With Shelves Rs. 2,699
Bathroom Mirror Cabinet With Shelves, Bathroom Mi… Rs. 5,300
Bathroom Mirror With Glass Shelf Dressing Mirror Rs. 3,299
Bathroom Mirror With Shelves Wall Mirror Dressing… Rs. 2,499
Surprising Bathroom Mirror With Shelves By Efurni… Rs. 2,390
Surprising Bathroom Mirror With Shelves By Efurni… Rs. 2,990
Round Led Lighted Bathroom Mirror With Lighting. … Rs. 5,000
Bathroom Cabinet With Mirror. Rs. 5,500