Bbq Sauce Price in Pakistan

The best price of Bbq Sauce in Pakistan is Rs. 124 and estimated average price is Rs. 365.


A smokey sauce that is often used in sandwiches burgers and hotdogs. BBQ sauce is also used as a glaze or in marinade to add more umami flavours to the meat. There are a lot of different brands that produce BBQ sauce, including some locally based ones. The price of BBQ sauce varies depending on the brand, some are nominally priced while others cost somewhat more.


BBQ Sauce

The barbecue (BBQ) flavour is much sought after for its smokiness and lots of umami. BBQ sauce is used with a lot of different foods, especially sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs. People also use BBQ sauce in their marinade, glaze or have it alongside any kind of meat. Buffalo wings are famous for making use of BBQ sauce.

BBQ sauce is made from a main base of tomato paste, mayonnaise and vinegar. Other ingredients include liquid smoke, onion powder, sugar or molasses and possibly mustard seed or black peppers. Between brands, there are variations in these ingredients to achiever their signature taste.

The BBQ sauce profile

One of the main flavours is the smokiness, along with a tanginess and sweetness. One could also say it has a caramelised onion flavour to it.

Various regions have their own style of BBQ sauce as well, so one may prefer a certain brand in comparison to another.


Almost every brand that produces sauces produces their version of a BBQ sauce. The prices vary a lot between brands, one can find something nominally priced and also something that costs a bit more. Amercan Garden and Heinz are among the known brands.

Dipitt sauces also produce a BBQ sauce in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
Dipitt Soy Sauce 310gms Rs. 365
Dipitt Pasta Sauce 300gm Rs. 287
Smokey Bbq Sauce - 300gms Rs. 350
Dipitt Chilli Sauce - 290gms Rs. 155
Dipitt Smokey BBQ Sauce Sweet n Smokey 300g Rs. 420
Dipitt Smokey BBQ Sauce, 300g Rs. 350
Shangrila Smoky BBQ Sauce 360g Rs. 360
Shangrila BBQ Sauce 500 Grams Rs. 175
Dipitt Mango Habanero - 320gms Rs. 321
Dipitt Smokey BBQ Sauce 300g Rs. 360
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