Bean Bag Price in Pakistan

The best price of Bean Bag in Pakistan is Rs. 525 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,481.


A bag filled with small pellets made from various plastics that can be used to sit or lie on depending on the size. Generally, bean bags are nominally priced.


The bean bag

Origins of the bean bag have been debated much over the years. With some historians claiming that in ancient Egypt, some 4000 years ago bean bags were used for multiple purposes. Even in ancient China, they were used for Kung-Fu training; similar to hackeysack which helped develop reflexes.

Due to its construction from small pellets, it takes up the shape of the person. These pellets used to beans, today they are more often made from various kinds of plastics. These are packed into a pear-shaped bag, a simple round one or other variations in shape. The bag itself can be made from different materials including leather, faux-fur, leatherette or polyesters. The latter 2 also have the advantage of being more weather resistant and can be used outdoors.

There are bean bags that are made for colicky babies. Also, they are known to help babies with flat-head syndrome (plagiocephaly).

Bean bags are cheaper alternatives to furniture and are great to laze in. Extended periods may not be good for the back so it is important to keep that in mind. There are variations in price depending on the size, material and brand.

Price List

Model Price
Relaxsit Football Fabric Bean Bag – Luxury Room C… Rs. 8,269
Bannana Bean Bag Rs. 3,375
Relaxsit beans refilling Polystyrene Beads refill… Rs. 1,440
Relaxsit Football Leather Bean Bag - Luxury Bedro… Rs. 10,340
Motive Style bean bag Rs. 9,100
Go Beany Kids Bean Bag Rs. 5,600
FCB Parachute Bean Bag Rs. 8,300
Plain Parachute - Black Bean Bag Rs. 8,700
Elsa bean bag sofa Rs. 6,100
Car Bean bag sofa Rs. 5,999
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