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Compare 16 prices from 9 stores.

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Beards have been a part of our regional and religious identity, recently they have also become an iconic style and fashion statement for men. The long to medium length beards are popular and worn by a growing number of men in Pakistan. To maintain the beard and prevent it from becoming grizzly, men use a beard straightener that precisely combs and brushes every individual strand of the beard so it falls perfectly on the face.


Brush or Comb

Beard Straighteners have a variety of base to advanced models that combine the comb and brush to make a hybrid straightener or simply use a comb head that has strong teeth to set the hair. These are smaller and use a heating plate or rod along with the comb. Ideal for thinner beards that are closer to the skin as it has a small size that can style shorter hair perfectly.

Similar to a hair straightener ionic heating technology is built into the beard styler that helps prevent any permanent damage to the hair or skin by maintaining a safe temperature in the hot plates.

The brush head has longer teeth for precision and a longer handle that has a better grip as compared straighteners with comb head. They are ideal for longer or thicker beards that are harder to straighten with a comb. 

An important improvement in these handy compact stylers is the LED indicator on the back of the handle displaying the temperature of the straightener. The display can ensure that the set temperature is reached and maintained at all times. It has an automatic temperature lock feature that is important for longer sessions and ensures that it does not overheat the device. 

It has the option to set various temperatures that would suit your hair texture and thickness. This helps make sure you can use the device closer to the skin at a lower temperature while using high heat on the tips of your beard. 

Popular Beard Straightener 

The Ionic Beard Straightener Comb has both features of a comb and a brush, it looks like a traditional hairbrush with strong bristles for perfect beard grooming. 

Directions & Safety 

As heating styling can cause a mild burn on the skin it is important to be careful while using it and the straightener has inbuilt design features that ensure you do not hurt yourself or burn your hair while using it. The guards around the heating plate keep the high heat away from skin contact or overheating that cold burn the hair. The ergonomic handle also ensures that no heat damage is caused to the hand or face while using the device. 

It only takes under half a minute for the hot plate to become ready to be used. The auto power-down function will intuitively turn off the heating when the straighter is unused for a while. This is one of the most important features has it prevents any fires or damage the straightener could cause when left unattended. 

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The best price of Beard Straightener in Pakistan is Rs. 2,000 and the estimated average price is Rs. 8,418.

Price List

Model Price
Multifunctional Hair Comb Beard Straightener Curl… Rs. 2,202
S9500 Remington Pearl Straightener Rs. 16,380
Kemei KM-5017 Hair Clipper Rs. 2,400
Kemei KM-5118 Hair Clipper Rs. 2,655
Kemei Professional Hair Trimmer KM-302 Rs. 2,500
Beurer Barbers Corner Beard Styler, HR4000 Rs. 11,500
Multi Function Men's Hair Care Styling Comb Strai… Rs. 2,000
Men Professional Hair Beard Trimmer Electric Shav… Rs. 2,760
Remington Beard Boss Beard and Stubble Trimmer MB… Rs. 11,500
Braun BT3040 Beard Trimmer Rs. 16,049
Panasonic ER-240 Beard Hair Trimmer Rs. 8,499
Panasonic ER-206 Beard and HairTrimmer Rs. 8,999