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Compare 245 prices from 34 stores.

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A brand created by two musical legends, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. The Beats brand produces various high-end consumer audio solutions. This includes the Beats Pill range, the capsule-shaped speakers. These are quality sound devices that are well built and are available for a higher price point.

Pros & Cons


  • Quality sound

  • Good design

  • Sturdy build

  • Good battery time


  • Not for audiophiles


The Beats brand is currently owned by Apple Inc. The headphones are a success as is the Beats Pill range. The advertising was also very smart, it made use of the term "Just what the doctor ordered" as a way to reference the pill shape in relation to Dr. Dre's moniker. 

These speakers have also been promoted by many celebrities, including Eminem, Tichina Arnold, Britney Spears, Robin Thickie, Pharrell Williams and Chris Rock.

The Beats Pill 1.0

There are a few different models in this segment. The original is the Beats Pill 1.0, launched in 2012 with a design that was simple and sleek. It has Bluetooth and an auxiliary output and input. The input option is quite common, but the output adds on another layer of functionality. This also allows you to daisy-chain more speakers together but more importantly, it lets the Beats Pill work as a pass-through Bluetooth receiver which can be connected to another audio system that may not have a wireless connectivity option. This feature isn't always useful, but in some cases, it could be a defining factor. 

An interesting feature with this model is tap-to-pair which works for smartphones with NFC. The audio is built around Apt-X, one of the more advanced audio codecs. The size is just enough to be carried easily in one's backpack. This device also lets you answer your calls by working as a speakerphone.

The sound quality is better than a few of the regulars in this class. It is a small device so it can only produce so much sound, but still, the performance is good. There is a slight flattening of the bass tones which is a common issue with smaller speakers. The stereo separation is more digital processing as the left and right speakers are relatively close to each other. The battery life with this model gives you roughly 6 hours of play.

The Beats Pill 2.0

This upgrade was essentially the same with minor differences. One of the larger differences was that it can also function as a battery pack and charge your phone. This will, of course, drain the battery faster, a battery which gives you about 7 hours of play. This extra hour of battery in comparison to the previous model is the other difference.

The sound quality is similar, which is a shame as the upgrade should have improved on what they had done before.

This model had a special version that was Nicki Minaj inspired, with a powder pink colour scheme.

The Beats Pill XL

The larger brother, the Beats Pill XL is actually substantially bigger. The design for this one incorporates a handle that makes it easy to carry, even though it weighs only 1.5Kgs. It has all the previous functions including working as a battery pack but excepting the Apt-X audio codec; although this does not affect the overall quality much. 

With a larger battery, the Beats Pill XL has a playtime of approximately 15 hours. The only feature that people find odd is that it needs its AC adapter to charge and cannot be charged using a USB. This model also has buttons for volume control, something the previous models did not.

As for the sound quality, it is comparatively better. This does have to do with the larger size. This model can push the volume higher and has a better bass response. With some songs, it holds back a little so there isn't any distortion and a good ear could probably notice this but most average listeners will not.

There was a recall of some of the Beats Pill XLs as there was a fire hazard based on overheating.

The Beats Pill+

This model saw a design upgrade, it is slightly more 2D that a complete cylindrical pill but still very much living up to its namesake. There are some new features but also the removal of some older Beats Pill regulars. The new features include this being splash-proof, something that is very handy with portable audio solutions as they could end up near a pool or water body. This version has control buttons for volume as well.

The charging for the Beats Pill+ happens via the Apple Lightning cable. The app allows you to connect two of these at the same time and either play the same sound or split them into left and right for a stereo field. If two people have the app it lets them make use of the "Dj The Playlist" option. This allows them both to control the music playing. The removal of features includes taking out the tap-to-pair via NFC, the auxiliary output and the Apt-x audio codec.

Sound quality on this model is better than the previous ones. There is a larger bass driver and the tweeters are mounted at a slightly outward angle, making for a wider soundscape. The sound is clear, but ahead of 70% volume, it does distort some. The battery has also been improved with a 12-hour playtime.


Smaller speakers such as the Beats Pill range are all only able to produce so much sound and actually should not be run on maxed-out volume. Over time this high level affects the speakers quality. If the sound is tearing up you have set the volume too high.

Beats Pills have various colours one can choose from, with the standard being white and black, but some of the models have more options such as red, blue, yellow and more.

This brand is considered to be a high-end consumer brand, which is why the overall quality is good and the prices are high. Although true audiophiles do not like Beats products.

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