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Owned by the power couple Suleman and Amna Suleman, the cult favourite makeup brand Beautify by Amna is the brainchild of this husband-wife duo. Having an experience of over 15 years in cosmetic manufacturing, Suleman is the Science while his wife Amna is the creative mind behind the brand. Products from Beautify by Amna are available at affordable prices in Pakistan and can be easily bought online from our trusted website. For your convenience and easy online shopping, Shopsy has compiled a list of top favourite products by the brand. Read on and then search for your favourite products and compare prices here at Shopsy.


Beautify by Amna Top 5 Best Products 

A professional makeup artist and beauty consultant, Amna splits her time between Pakistan and Dubai and heads the product campaign. Making use of her knowledge of makeup artistry, she does everything herself from choosing the formula to achieving finesse in the final product. Her most iconic invention was the makeup brushes and the 24K Gold and Roses serum. Here are the top 5 products from the brand that are experts' favourites and earned the brand a massive following.

1. Beautify by Amna 24K Gold & Roses Serum 

This magic potion comes in an opaque gold-coloured glass dropper bottle with a black dropper bulb. The packaging makes the product look premium and expensive but fortunately, it is quite affordable as compared to its rivals. The serum is enriched with fatty acids and vitamins and infused with gold flakes. A quick-absorbing formula, the serum along with the gold flakes absorb quickly into your skin, leaving it radiant and glowing.

Shake well before use and apply it to cleansed skin. A single drop is more than enough to cover the entire face. Use your fingertips to spread it out on the skin. Wait for a minute or two till it sets and then apply any makeup product if you have to. This serum can also be applied to the face before going to bed for overnight skin pampering. The 24K Gold and Roses serum moisturizes the skin and hydrates it deeply, removing signs of fatigue and dryness.

When applied under the makeup, it keeps your makeup base flawless and dewy by creating a barrier between the skin and the makeup products. With this as the first step of your makeup, your concealer, foundation, bronzer, powder or blush won't settle into your pores and fine lines.

2. Beautify by Amna Chromatic Loose Eye Glitter

Available in 10 stunning shades, Beautify by Amna's chromatic loose eye glitters come in a creamy consistency. This makes the application and blending a breeze. They give a high colour payoff and deliver a metallic finish that's sure to turn heads.

The glitter trend never goes out of fashion so use any of these chromatic shades or mix them up to create a dramatic and trendy glittery eye look. Apply eyeshadow and then layer any of these glitters on top for striking bling.

These glitters are not just for the eyes, you can use them in the centre of your lips on top of your gloss or lipstick for creating a stunning and funky look. Avoid using glitters for daytime events as the shine and bling look tacky in sunlight. 

3. Beautify by Amna Porfade Primer

Primers are worn before makeup to create an even and smooth surface for the makeup base to adhere to. The primer also creates a barrier between your skin and makeup products so they won't settle into fine lines or pores. The Porfade primer from Beautify by Amna comes in a transparent gold and black plastic tube and does what it says. It fills up the pores and lines, creating a smooth canvas so that the makeup products can easily be applied and blended.

Begin by applying the Gold and Roses serum, wait for a few minutes and then apply a thin layer of this oil-free primer. A little goes a long way with this primer. Remember to use a little amount and spread it evenly all over your face and neck. Don't overuse this product as it may make your makeup oily later on. Give it a minute to set and then continue with your makeup.

The best thing about this product is that it helps in filling pores and reduces their visibility. Just make sure to use a mattifying base with it for even more long-lasting makeup. 

4. Beautify by Amna Foundation Blender

Amna created an affordable version of the iconic and expensive Beauty Blender and named it the Foundation blender. It comes in three sizes with the smallest being a perfect tool for blending eye makeup or other products around the eye contour. The texture, usage and benefits are the same as with the original blender.

For a flawless makeup base, run your foundation blender through water, squeeze out the excess water and then use it while it is damp. Dot your foundation or concealer on the face and then bounce the blender all over your skin for a seamless and flawless application.

5. Beautify by Amna Revolutionary Makeup Fix - Loose Setting Powder

If there is one setting powder that sets your makeup without making it look dry and cakey is this makeup fix from Beautify by Amna. It is available in translucent and banana shades. Translucent can be used by fair-skinned ladies while banana is strictly for dark skin.

Packed in a transparent round jar with an emblem of one of the greatest Hollywood icons Marilyn Monroe, wearing her signature red lipstick and stunning smile. Marilyn Monroe was famous for her classy makeup looks and the way she confidently carried bold lip colours and attires. Her skin looked flawless and the red lipstick highlighted her pearly skin and platinum hair.

Beautify by Amna's translucent loose setting powder helps you achieve the same flawlessness and seamless look, setting your makeup for a long-lasting finish. Apply a light dusting of this powder with a blender or powder brush all over your makeup to set it. Some people even like to spritz a makeup setting spray for even better results.  

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